Blitz London




14 weeks old and voted 14th in Time Out's top 100 London stores!

To celebrate we will give you 10% off our fashion collection during November.

Just mention Time Out.

"Bigger, better, cleaner and smarter than all of it's east London counterparts" Time Out magazine
"What distinguishes Blitz from the other stores — in addition to size, tidiness and range of items — is that its stock has been laid out like a contemporary art installation." The New York Times
"This is no average vintage clothing store. It's like Harrods for vintage clothing without the snobs." Luxury Logisitics
" sifting through crammed rails here! Blitz Vintage is run by people who’ve been selling vintage for years, and it shows – the selection is great,  the prices excellent." The Vintage Guide to London
"Creativity is definitely oozing from this fabulous concept!" The Cool Fashion
"Blitz is the perfect antidote to the conventional hectic vintage shop." The Upcoming

"If you hate the normal ‘rummage through packed rails’ style then the space and calm atmosphere at Blitz could make you a convert."
"As soon as we stepped through the doors, we were already impressed with the whole look and feel of the store""The visual merchandising at Blitz is immaculate. A genius concept. Blitz is more than just a vintage store, it's an experience, and one which will leave a lasting impression on lovers of all-things-vintage." Shoparrazi