Blitz London


Shine a Light

Presented to you here is a fresh item from East London based Vintage Unit, who most of you will know, have a thriving concession in store. It is an early British (1940's)photographic spotlight on an adjustable stand and is the essence of simple, stripped back industrial elegance. Wonderfully adept in both the home and office, the stark modernist design evokes Noir film sets and Manhattan loft parties. Come by and take a look. 
In store now....£385.

Secondly, this 1940's/50's Britsh made counter-poise lamp. As with most Vintage Unit pieces, the chrome lamp has been foraged from its utilitarian origin, hand-stripped and sanded, emerging as a stunning example of industrial practicality. It has everything: clean lines and smooth, unfussy movement. Miss this? Your desk will never forgive you....
In store now....£310.