Blitz London



Meet Rebecca, sales assistant extraordinaire at BLITZ.  As well as being the owner of a smile so heart-warming it makes Obama seem a little bit insincere, she is also the subject of this weeks staff interview.

How long have you worked at BLITZ?
Since Christmas - it was a bit mad in here, a real baptism of fire.

What is your most covetted item at the minute?
The silk shorts are great - Ive already got leopard print and polka dots and some beige ones for the summer - when it eventually arrives!

Whats your favourite lunch spot round Brick Lane?
For a real treat hit Japanika on Hanbury Street for the tempura or the Katsu Curry - Ive been known to eat at least 3 in a sitting!

Who or what are your style influences?
Birkin of course and her daughter Lou has a great look too..

How do you like to spend a nice weekend?
Easy - London Fields / Beer Garden / Dog!!!!