Blitz London



Hiya. I'm Syd and my Daddy likes old American jackets. He lets me wear them sometimes.
I'm starting a new regular column for the Blitz blog called "Dad's Army".
Here's jacket number one. A WW11 era N1. Jungle cloth, alpaca lining, original buttons and zip.
Worn by US navy and Marine personnel. Issued in 1943 (we believe) to replace the unpopular N4 (posthumously named) which was an army issue M41 without epaulettes.  
Daddy got this as a lucky find. He's only worn it a couple of times as it costs a fortune to clean. See, it can't be dry cleaned as that deteriorates the USN stencil. Props to Jeeves of Belgravia dry cleaners though for their hand cleaning service and patience with difficult customers.
Next time, let's talk jelt denim.
See you soon.