Blitz London



Everyones favourite BLITZer is back with a bang, so were gonna up with the prodigal Ntando!

Whereve you been?
At uni, finishing exams.. was alrite, coursework got done at the last mintue lol

What have you been up to?
Making music videos and starting a few films..  Also check my photography blog

What you listening to currently
Kendric Lemar the Newcomer and Jai Paul - he reminds me of Robin Thick

Yeah that Jai Pauls so good, could listen to the 3 tracks over and over.. any stock you have your eye on then?
The Agora Snap Backs - real snakeskin peak on a Georgetown Hoyas deadstock hat

So since your back, is this for good a la the Take That boys?
Still got uni but Im back for a bit, Terminator style!