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We are fully aware that we have covered the various pieces of lighting available from Vintage Unit in store. However, this piece simply cannot be ignored. Looking like a forgotten prop from '2001:A Space Odyssey' this unreal and ethereally beautiful light is actually an up cycled 1930's hairdryer. The 'tentacles' are also adjustable to various positions and light up accordingly. A centrepiece for any space, it stands as proof of Vintage Units creativity and innovation with perceived forgotten items.
In Store Now....£675

There can be few places of work, schools or indeed village halls in the UK which do not contain at least one chair by Robin Day. Designer of the iconic 'Polyprop' chair, Day has played a large role in most of our nostalgia trips. We are lucky enough to have in store, a 'Captains' swivel chair darting from the 1960's. This fully adjustable chair was, as with the 'Polyprop', manufactured by famous furniture production company, Hille, which was founded in the East End in the early 1900's. This is exactly the kind of design I admire, it is strict in its presence but softly lures you in with smooth and beautiful injection molded body. No one should miss an opportunity to own a classic example of how British design was and still is hugely influential on the world stage.

In Store Now....£110