Blitz London



Hiya, back again.

Jacket number two, a recent acquisition from Blitz that Daddy is really quite pleased with. 

This is a Lee 91B dating from the early 1970's made from Jelt denim. Jelt was invented by Lee in 1925 as a lightweight (11 ounce) alternative to the heavier denims used in jeans etc without losing strength. This was achieved by twisting the individual threads, like when you see steel cables.

Being quite a late model for this jacket there are more rare examples around but my Dad is really happy as is pretty much unworn. The means that over the next few decades we will work together to put a beautiful, individual set of fading on it.

He is also made up as Jimmy Dean often wore one and that is coooooooool.

See you soon when we will go soaring in a USN flight jacket.

Lots of love.