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It's difficult to date some of these but there's nothing newer than 93 and the majority are pre 70's. Some beautiful pieces and a selection of historic gems in here. 50 odd going out this weekend and there will be regular drops over the next few months. This photo shows maybe a 5th of the bale we bought; the one that we showed a couple of weeks ago.
In over 10 years of grading vintage finding these are a real stand out moment.
I spend way to much of my life researching old American clothes but have to admit that the history of college/high school/varsity/letterman jackets is hard to put into a narrative. It seems that Harvard students started putting letters on jackets and sweaters in the late 20's but despite seeing these jackets in wartime movies I've never seen letters on any pre 50's.
I like the plain ones best although I do own a 60's Penn State and a very old UCLA jacket that are a joy to wear. The LA jacket is from the Albion Knitting Mill who seemed to produce particularly high quality garments and what's best is that my modern Albion is just a high spec.

Buy college jackets now but only if you promise to give them a good home with lots of love!


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