Blitz London



Where do I start? A pal hooked me up with this link to Hijack on Normski's Dance Energy show in 1991. 
Hijack are for me the toughest band ever in UK Hip Hop. We caned the tape I had while driving my Mum's Renault tank all over Britain to raves. I still know every word. As for the show, makes me laugh though how everyone is dressed in half the stock that I am selling in BLITZ right now. I still think that Normski is the most sincere fella to ever blag his way on to my telly and you must know that today he's a dope photographer. 

Two things that make this video a classic is the fact that everyone looks like that they're dancing for a "spot prize", and also the Rhyme Syndicate Nylon jacket that I'd like to imagine is a Starter. If you know me, then man, you know I need that jacket. If you don't know about Rhyme Syndicate and enjoyed reading this then you really should.

...and a bonus - The Bandman is Robbin.

John, General Manager