Blitz London



Its been too long - we need to introduce the world to the head of the BLITZ street team - hailing from Naples, the man they call Gennaro!

How long have you worked at BLITZ and what does a day in the life of Gennaro involve?

I started work here Feb 18th.  Everyday I ride to work from my pad in Whitechapel and I usually bring a homemade pasta lunch.  Then I'll check whats going on on the street, how busy brick lane is, and if we need a large team out there for the day.  Then I assign my best men from the flyer squad to let everyone know where BLITZ is and the offers on that day.
Then I report to General Manager John to find out any other business for the day.

What is on your current hit-list (stock-wise!)?

Hawaiian shirts - although its Autumn now are still my favourites - I'll sometimes buy four a week - Not kidding!

How do you like to relax on your day off?

I come to BLITZ for a coffee and try and stop people from getting on with their work.

Whats on heavy rotation on your iPod?

Biggie, Wu Tang, Madlib, Lana Del Ray - you know my steez!

Okay Genaro!  Thanks Genaro!