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The facts:

* Peacoats are the coolest coats ever
* They have been worn by sailors since at least Victorian times
* Many countries (but not Britain) have their own version but the US Navy version is pretty much the ONLY ONE
* They were originally Dutch. The name is a derived from a type of woollen twill fabric
* The quality of the USN issue jackets is unsurpassed. Melton and Kersey wools in the 20th century are virtually wind and rain proof. The materials and construction are what you would pay really crazy money for these days. Even then I'll testify that a modern top end would never match the original
* For the classic look and top quality you have to look for a pre 80's model. You want 10 buttons (WW11) or 8 (late 40's onwards) and the jacket should sit below your backside
* Be prepared to show love. These jackets can be up to 70 years old and despite the often ageless quality of the fabric you should consider mending any issues such as worn button holes at a fine tailors. That way I guarantee you have a trusty friend who'll be loving you rite back for the rest of your life
* Look at these fellas

Look at this jacket

And this one

* Consider very hard whether you should come quickly to Blitz to try from our ample selection of the finest peacoats
* Now, you have the coat, go get the date 
* DON'T do what I did and spend silly time researching the extraordinary amount of detail I have left out from this article; IT WILL DO YOU NO FAVOURS ON THE DATE