Blitz London



Now for something very special for all you sprezzatura nuts - deadstock Facis suits.

The Facis label first appeared 'Fabbicia Abiti Confezionati In Serie', in 1932.  The label was the first of its kind to offer ready-to-wear, off-the-peg suits.  Before this moment every suit was bespoke and handmade.  This made well suits available for a wider range of people and influenced a variety of brands, including Georgio Armani, and made the suit the sartorial icon it is today.

The jacket has a classic 60s design with tin lapels and three buttons, and the trousers with an unfinished hem are waiting to be delivered to your tailor.  We cannot stress enough how rare it is to find these suits in this condition still with their original labels.

These fine 100% wool suits can become the cornerstone of your wardrobe, prices starting at £100.