Blitz London



Here at Blitz we love our customers, you're fashionable & have great taste. So here is just a snapshot of some of our most stylish ladies & gentlemen. 

First up is the lovely Claire:

Somehow she manages to look fantastic despite the fact that it was snowing (yes I said snowing). Her Dr. Martin's are perfect cold weather footwear.

This lovely lady was shopping with her dad (her very fashionable dad of course). Roisin's khaki coat was perfect for the horrible English weather. 

Ahead of the trends Roisin was already sporting the side braid that was seen at the Dior show.

Now onto our first gentleman of the day. It is always great to see a well dressed couple. So now we bring you Matthew & Kirsten! 

They look picture perfect together and were the sweetest pair.

Now onto the gorgeous Bea sporting her Barbour beadnell:

Her headband is perfect for a snowy days shopping and her floral skirt was an amazing addition to her outfit.

This next lady is truly something special:

The amazing Tasha Goldberg ( who not only works for the U.N but writes a fantastic blog about Ghana. Be sure to check it out, if you're envying her amazing trousers she bought them from Senegal.

Here we have the lovely Flo, browsing through our menswear department when I stumbled upon her fantastic denim jacket. Her style proves that you can be comfortable and still look gorgeous. 

Onto the second couple of the day we have Edward & Jenny. When I approached them Edward was boogying along to our soundtrack. So I present to you the fun loving couple:

Petra & Karla were browsing our rails downstairs when I spotted Karla's amazing coat. A little bit of faux fur can instantly change an outfit. I love the fact that her hat is a beautiful shade of pink, these ladies know style.

Jack and Daisy prove my point that there is not enough denim in the world. That's it, I'm buying a denim jacket - vintage of course. Their shoes stand out from their outfits and I love that they chose to let their accessories speak for themselves.

Elena doesn't even live in London but still makes it in frequently (now that's dedication). She caught my eye because she had mixed her prints, she pulls it off because they are in similar tones. That and she has the longest legs I've ever seen!

Last up was the adorable Jingting, she was initially nervous about being snapped but I couldn't let her walk by. Her scarf is such an amazing shade of green and I loved her longer length coat.