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David Méndez Alonso

London-based Spanish artist David Méndez Alonso, AKA Misterthefreak, just finished our new installation, mural and set design - we've been a fan for a while so its really exciting to have his work warming us up as temperatures drop!We caught up with David to find out more about his work.

BLITZ:  I remember seeing your 'Santa Teresa Hotel' show with Pau Sampera at Tony's gallery a few summers ago, that was a sweet show, loads of costumes and toys, it was crazy.. How many shows have you done in London since then and at what point did you decide to move here?

David Méndez Alonso:  I did a some collaborations with Beach since then. I was also envolved in a worldwide project called Bastonade which was presented as well in London in The Book Club, Shoreditch. I always came here frequently, I was in touch with many people and I thought that it was the perfect time to move here for a season. I feel very comfortable here and there is a lot to do yet.

B:  So since you moved, do you notice the influence being in London has on your work?

DMA:  London is a constant source of visual inputs. It´s impossible not to be influenced by this city, This city is a charming place which breaths style.

B:  When you're not working what do you like to do and where do you like to go for inspiration, both in London and Barcelona?

DMA:  Saatchi gallery and The Moving Museum are the best art shows that I have been to at the moment. And the inspiration comes from everywhere. The magic is hidden in many places, you just need to arrange all the pieces and that´s all.

B:  What other artists work are you enjoying at the moment?

DMA:  Peles Empire, Christian Newby, Robin Cameron, David Ostrowski, Olaf Breuning, Alejandro Almanzapereda, Luís Úrculo, Études Studio, Bernhard Willhelm, Samuel François.

B:  What can we expect from your show at the end of the month?

DMA:  First, I need to start working on the peaces, haha, But I guess people would expect a evolution between the last exhibition in Monterrey. The line I follow through art shows is pretty different to my work in illustration and fashion. So, it's always a challenge for me to contain all these references and simply focus on the idea. I can´t tell you right now what this upcoming show is about, but there will be two big sculptures, tons of colours and some new materials and techniques.


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