Blitz London



November 7th - 1st December 2013

 ‘Draw a Penis and Run Away’ will present a body of new painting and sculpture by Sampera, who has recently moved to, and has been working in, London.

Sampera’s outsider-esque artworks have a naïve - almost crude - aesthetic; brightly coloured, and constructed from throwaway, everyday items (Fake Adidas tracksuits, bricks, frozen pizza and inflatable toys), these objects become materials for Sampera’s sculptures and paintings. On other occasions Sampera presents crudely made sculptures which mimic classical crafts (hand-painted pots, ornate jars and vases). It is within the delivery of these pieces that Sampera’s artwork comes to life; low-brow objects combine with high-brow delivery methods - conversely, high-brow objects have low-brow subject matter. A group of inflatable toys sits under a Donald Judd-esque cube; Frozen pizza is piled - Felix González-Torres style - in the corner of the gallery space. A sculpture resembling an ancient Greek pot is painted with gangsters, Wu-Tang Clan’s logo and smileys.

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