Blitz London



Stacy Chien has featured us in - here's what she said!British outfit has its own distinctive personality style, and some people love the royal family is so dignified and elegant aristocratic fashion, while others prefer English Lunpang Ke retro fashion. We came to London, do not miss many hidden treasures in the antique markets and second-hand vintage clothing digging treasure trip, and Brick Lane in East London is that we must go to a place of pilgrimage friends, all kinds of large and small Used Market nestled in a corner or alley Victorian building. United Kingdom Index of website Time Out London also for everyone in London will be selected out of 100 shopping stores, and at this Brick Lane claims the world's largest second-hand vintage shops Blitz London, it ranked ninth. British retro favorite here, but all the flavor of the influx of people to dig treasure paradise, the number of two-story space Daping, covered the vintage clothing, package, scarves, grandmother's jewelry earrings, records and books to all second-hand everything, full of British flavor personalized decor everywhere retro British style furniture, visiting tired but also to the compound cafe to enjoy simple English afternoon tea cakes. England tour of Brick Lane dig treasure trip certainly will not let you down!

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