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Zero: One: Nine

On Thursday 5h of June we presented Gabriella Rosa Bertin, aka Zero: One: Nine and Nathalie Limon aka GoldCoat, who worked together on a project called ‘Lucid Days Lurid Nights’.12 13


















Lurid Nights Lucid Days [LNLD] is a pop-up installation that stems from the golden age of hip-hop. Observing that creativity is all around you, you can’t help but be inspired from your environment, especially when East London is synonymous with the amazing murals that decorate the walls.




Zero: One: Nine is a showcase of artworks and prints. These are made by appropriating hip hop ephemera through the manipulation of collage. The designs have been created through the appropriation of graffiti, tagged trains, and street murals through a process of collage and digital transformation, resulting in abstract moving image. Each frame from the moving image is a unique print, which can be manipulated and re-produced.


That’s how the artworks have been realized


The night was made to launch the project and the artworks: a collection of printed canvas bags, t-shirt, dresses now available to buy in-store.


Prints available for £45


Dresses available for £79


Tshirts available for £25













Canvas bags available for £10













We celebrated this collaboration with drinks till late instore with amazing tunes by DJ Borja! Thank you all for coming!