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(1) Shocking Blue The Dutch band formed in 1967 and here's their second fully experimental album "At Home".  Sounds included sitar, guitar fuzz and Mariska Veres. The disc included "Love Buzz", to be recorded by Nirvana years later..

[youtube] (2) Django Reinhardt

Django was born in Belgium, but lived most of his life in Paris, with a classical education with little focus on music.  Learning to play by ear and conversations with other musicians, he was applying in clubs by the time he was just 12.  In 1928, after an accidental fire caused the loss of mobility to two of his fingers the doctors told him he would never play guitar again, but he reinvented his style and successfully reclaimed his name as one of the creators of jazz guitar.




3) The Re-Stoned

Russian power-trio and creators of stoner rock instrumentals formed in 2008 in Moscow. This disc is strongly rooted in psychedelia and sounds sexy without losing the stoner vibe. Analog is the second album from this band.


(4) Funkadelic

American band precursor of p-funk led by George Clinton. Born in 1964 as Parliament's accompanying band. Maggot Brain was the band's third album, released in 1971 and is today hailed as one of the greatest in the history of psychedelic music, soul and funk.

[youtube] (5) Son House

An influential singer and songwriter of American delta blues. Played with Charley Patton, Willie Brown, Robert Johnson, "Fiddlin '" Joe Martin, and Leroy Williams. Son House was not an amazing guitarist, but this caused him to compensate for his lack of technique with rhythmic drive, vocal power, emotional intensity and the use of the slide. Was a major influence on Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. Chatting with young fans of blues in the 60s, he spread the now infamous legend that Robert Johnson had sold his soul in exchange for virtuosity on guitar. The Original Delta Blues is a sensational compilation with the best songs of the singer.