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Rainbow Effect: the colorful hair trend

Green, blue, red, pink, orange, violet, pastel, doesn't matter. What counts at the moment is daring. You can play with your hair in many ways - just to mention the most popular ones at the moment, you can give them a nordic touch and dye them silver, you can go for the ombré style and only dye the tips, or you can be totally crazy and use different tones at the same time, making a real rainbow effect.

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Celebrities with colored hair, especially in the music universe, are not really new (pop diva Rihanna, for example, lived her phase of red hair in 2010). But recently, there has been a "boom" among teen celebrities, who like to have fun and play with trends and fads.

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Although today there are on the market super-modern and safe products to achieve these kind of effects, it is necessary to bleach the hair of a tone before applying the pigment and it's important to check with a professional if your hair would achieve the desired effect.

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Another important thing to consider before changing your look is that the vibrant color has short life. You need to retouch the pigment every week/ten days at least, because the color fades quickly and the your blue may end up turning a terrible mould greyish tone.


However, there is an alternative way in the market to temporary color your hair that doesn't involve the pre bleaching. It is the Hairchalk by L'Oréal, which has six vibrant shades can be used by both blondes and brunettes and you can either do it at home or in the salon. This effect lasts from two to four washings, depending on the amount of product applied and on the type of hair.

 We love colorful hair!