Blitz London



Be prepared: Arm yourself with garments that are easy to get out of; something you can slip on and slip off without fuss. Wear minimal make-up. Many vintage pieces do up at the side and have to go over your head, rather than over your hips, so whilst it’s tempting to wear red lipstick to look cute, it’s best not to smear it all over the neck of a yellow 50s dress.


Talk to the sales assistants: Don’t be shy to ask for advice, specially if you are looking for era-specific garment. This will make it easier to find the garment you love and how best to style your new vintage piece. Good shop assistants should know their stock very well and quite often they will keep special pieces behind for the right customer. It’s also good to develop a relationship with them, as they will start to look out for pieces in your size and style. Most vintage sellers are passionate about what they do and are happy to talk to customers about stock, sizes and fair price.


Don’t pay any attention to sizes on labels: Sizing is completely different nowadays, and if there is a size label, I’m afraid the best option is to ignore it.

Don't buy anything that needs a lot of repairs: Don’t be tempted buy pieces that need altering above and beyond a simple strap shortening or a dropped hem. Scant few alteration shops will do it justice and if the fabric is raw, frayed or thin, it may not last even one cold wash!

Don’t be scared to try anything on: If you like it on the hanger, then chances are you will like it on you, but you also shouldn’t shy away from the bizarre; sometimes a hanger can’t convey an item’s true potential, so get it on your body – what’s the worst that could happen? Here at BLITZ this is the most rewarding element of what we do. If we got a pound every time a customer reluctantly tried on a garment which turned out to be amazing, then we could probably retire! Have fun, expect the unexpected and shop with an open mind, as you never know what may turn up.