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Today we are meeting the London based fashion blogger, as well as a regular Blitz shopper, Hackney Rose ( We choose her as our June’s Instagram competition winner, and she came today to the store to spend her £50 Blitz voucher. It was nice to meet her and to have a chat about her life and fashion of course..

 hackney rose 1

What do you do in your life?

I am full time product manager for a high street retailer, so that takes quiet a lot of my time. Visual merchandising is a big part of my job, so in this way I have combined my passions with my everyday job, in terms of styling and keeping on trend.

In my spare time I like doing shopping and looking for bargains; I’m a big thriftier, today for example I went for a browse in many charity shops to get some random bits for about £3 each.

Why did you call your blog ‘Hackeny Rose’?

I was living in Hackney, I still sort of live there actually, and my name is Rose so it makes a nice combination!


When did you start blogging?

I started in January, my blog is not that old, I am learning as I do it. It’s good fun though!

What is your blog about?

It’s mainly about how I style my items and where I find my clothes. It’s always fun to find bargains and I like telling my readers about the story behind a good purchase. I do a little bit of lifestyle too, like my holidays and what I wear when I am on a trip.


How would you describe your style?

Definitely vintage! It can be from about the 20s to the 70s. I like wearing a different period depending on my mood. 

Who is your inspiration?

In terms of style icons I love Dita Von Teese and film star Veronica Lake. But I also get inspiration from the web, from Instagram profiles @rougeyourknees @callthestudentnurse and fashion bloggers, like and

What is your best find at BLITZ?

I like looking through all the shoes that you have, I have quiet a big feet as I am tall, so it’s hard to find my size. I spend hours searching for shoes and I always find a good pair in BLITZ! Also the selection of vintage brooches you have is amazing, I think it’s the best in town! I collect them and I have to get one every time I come to the store!

Where and when do you go shopping?

My main sources are BLITZ, Beyond Retro and The Eastern Thrift store. Ebay is quiet good as well, but I like to try my clothes on. I go shopping mainly on Sunday or on weekdays. I always have a day off during the week and I like that because the stores are quieter and I have more time to search. I never shop on Saturday, it’s too busy! I come to Blitz a lot, probably twice a week, as I live down the corner and you always have new stuff in the store!

What did you get with your £50 Blitz voucher?

I got all the pieces from the sale area: two dresses for £10, a pair of shoes for £2, a kimono for £10 and two vintage brooches. Thank you very much for choosing me!



Thank you Hackney Rose for the interview and if you want to enter our competition for the chance to win £50 voucher just #blitzlondon in your Instagram photos while wearing any Blitz piece!