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Not casting the cinematic net too far back, here Coppola's exploring her usual themes of celebrity and childhood, in a beautifully shot and slow-paced wander through the famous walls of the Chateau Marmont.  At time of release there was a lot of fuss about Drive, and oddly there are comparisons with these films - setting aside Drive's ultra violence and Somewhere's more sophisticated emotional palette - there's fast cars, flawed mumbling leads getting a dose of responsibility involving a youngster, LA scenery and directors leading an exercise in style.  At the time Drive got all the attention, and subsequently a lot of people either missed out on Somewhere altogether, or Coppola got wiped out in Refn and Goslings' cheesy rampage.  It still managed to get a good run at the awards, Tarantino's a fan, and remains an original influence on the never-ending palm tree and foliage Tumblr trend, including an achingly cool Peter Miles layout.  Definitely worth checking or re-checking.[youtube]