Blitz London


Q&A !

Here are some questions we asked today to our lovely sales assistant Christina !

What is your favourite music? 

I listen a lot to Kelela, Spooky Black and King K.

Where are your favourite places to do your shopping?

I love going charity shops you find the coolest things in there.

What are your favourite products in the store?

Kimonos !

How would you describe your style?

I'd say random.

Have you visited any galleries or museums recently ?

Yes. I went to the Hayward Gallery I'd suggest anyone that just loves art to go there it's an amazing place, very underrated and free!

What are your favourite magazines to read ?

I-D and Another magazine because they're weird.

Who inspires you within the fashion area?

Nazir Mazhar! I interned for him he's so cool and he is definitely one to watch for.