Blitz London



You may have noticed a few changes happening in our cafe - pics coming soon - for now however be relax in the knowledge that we're using Allpress signature blend espresso blend - a medium roast comprising Brasil Santa Alina, Colombia Pescador, Guatemala Huehuetenango and Sumatra Mandheling.  What does all that mean?  The Brasil brings sweetness and syrupy body, the semi washed Sumatra provides spice and cocoa, and the higher grown Guatemala and Colombiaorigins add fresh clean acidity. Colombia and Brasil give the blend its characteristic sugar cane and caramel sweetness. SO now you know - we have damn fine coffee!

Allpress are speciality roasters based in East London who know all there is to know about coffee.  With their expertise and because they only use the finest quality Arabica beans, the flavour of their espresso blend is second to none.  We our proud to partner with them and to serve up some of the best coffee in East London.  Come in and see how great our coffee tastes with a giant cookie..