Blitz London



Next time you are strolling through Shoreditch make sure you come across the Howard Griffin gallery. Walking through the gallery you will spot at the back walls filled with A4 pieces of paper. Get even closer and you will see they are all filled with pictures of George the dog. One man’s loyal companion who he drew every single day for three years. Below explains the story of one of east londons most notorious artists..


”John Dolan, is one of East London’s most notorious artists. For three years Dolan sat every day with his dog George on Shoreditch High Street and documented the surrounding architecture, elevating the old, decrepit buildings that are so often ignored and under-appreciated. In the past, Dolan was in and out of prison and has experienced homelessness for the past 20 years. Dolan’s raw portrayals of the street lead a viewer to reconsider something that to them is merely a backdrop to their day. At the same time, he highlights how too often people living on the street are invisible to those walking past them. Dolan’s work asks us to open our eyes and see this city for what it really is. “


“The story of John and George is one of companionship and hope. Dolan was on the streets when he was given George in exchange for the price of a strong can of lager. Since that time, George has been Dolan's most loyal companion, ultimately enabling him to change his life. With George at his side, Dolan managed to escape a twenty year cycle of homelessness and prison, establishing himself as one of east London's most recognisable artists”