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SAKI&BitchesOn the 23rd October come through to see work amazing by Saki & B and have a drink with us - plus 20% Discount on BLITZ stock!

Here's some more about Saki's work - you'll have seen it around the streets of London for sure - and don't forget to click attend here..tumblr_n4a9z4OCCD1tt8716o1_1280


SAKI has a background in the fashion industry, having worked as a make-up artist for seven years in Tokyo, New York and London before switching from faces to canvas. “I wasn’t satisfied with my career and tired about all the skinny models in fashion world. So I started paint, paint voluptuous 'Bitches'!!! ”

"I like painting these sexy, curvy women simply because I love these shapes from 50’s pin-up girls, Playboy Playmates and calling cards in public telephone boxes.

I am passionate when it comes to drawing women and their body shape,” says SAKI.

And same time she started paste her work on the street.

SAKI's work/style grew from doodles on the back of scrap pieces of paper to full scale portraits.

Her glamourous Bitches keeps flirting around London!

SAKI’s portfolio can be seen on her website




She painted series of these curvy ladies on glass because,

“the colours will stay vivid forever. This suits my style of painting:bright colours with bold black lines. First of all I cut big detailed stencil for outline of glass painting. And add colors  from detail to large area, just opposite way of normal canvas painting.And flip glass over, you can see vivid glass painting!  “

Her glass paintings based on technique of her street art-work.It is more likely craftsman than painter.


SAKI’s  glass painting imagery owes more to the aesthetic of street art, manga and Charlie’s Angels, but the effect is more or less the same. The combination of these shamelessly sexy broads painted on sturdy museum cabinet glass salvaged from one of Britain’s cultural icons is akin to encountering the archetypal stern librarian who removes her glasses, shakes down her hair and begins unbuttoning her blouse... But if the Victorian curiosity cabinet enabled viewers to disguise their voyeurism as self-edifying ‘scientific interest’, SAKI’s unabashedly sexy paintings and drawings simply ask us to watch, admire – and enjoy!