Blitz London



After Cristina and Malarky sorted out our shutters for Summer, Christmas came early and Saki and ARTiSTA came through and gave us a new look on the weekend!  They'd been planning to work together for a while, so before ARTiSTA heads to Miami this week we got them to work their styles together, combining Saki's bitches hiding amongst ARTiSTA's foliage - AKA the Jungle Bitches!

ARTiSTA’s artistic journey started after winning a major art competition when she was just four and a half years old. Since then she has shown her artwork in the Tate Modern, across street walls globally, in shops and other smaller galleries around London. Her style is a mix of pop-art and characterized illustrations which she describes as “ Cartoon Surealism” currently all being painted with spraypaint. See more of ARTiSTA’s work at

We've been fans of Saki&Bitches for some time, and currently hang some of her biggest works - painted into the glass cabinet doors salvaged from the British Museum - in our cafe.  SAKI has a background in the fashion industry, having worked as a make-up artist for seven years in Tokyo, New York and London before switching from faces to canvas. “I wasn’t satisfied with my career and tired about all the skinny models in fashion world. So I started paint, paint voluptuous 'Bitches'!!! ” "I like painting these sexy, curvy women simply because I love these shapes from 50’s pin-up girls, Playboy Playmates and calling cards in public telephone boxes. I am passionate when it comes to drawing women and their body shape,” says SAKI. And same time she started paste her work on the street. SAKI's work/style grew from doodles on the back of scrap pieces of paper to full scale portraits. Her glamourous Bitches keeps flirting around London! SAKI’s portfolio can be seen on her website.