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We recently met Aisha & Momo (@culpavinum) and got them to pop to our Hanbury Street store for a mini shoot and Q&A. See below for what we got upto with the blogging babes. All pieces BLITZ & BLITZ Remix.

SHOT BY MARIA PEARL @mariapigeon


Hey Girls, thanks for dropping in today! So how did you both meet?

We met at school when we were 11 and became close friends instantly!

When did you both decide to start CULPAVINUM?

Well we first doing it for fun, just taking pictures for tumblr with a group of friends in sixth form. But we both really started getting into it last year when we made a website and instagram for it.

You both are studying very different university courses, tell us what interests bring you together?

We have quite different interests but our values bring us together more than anything else. We both prioritise similar things. But we also like the same films, books, clothing, and art, so we constantly exchange info on what to read/watch/buy.

What do you disagree on?

We used to disagree on a lot! Haha, we still disagree on what we should do in certain situations sometimes, what to eat (we usually cook together because we live together). We have quite different personalities, but we’re so used to each other now.

What’s your favourite thing about vintage shopping?

Finding and owning things no one else will have.

What was the last song you listened to?

Slide- Frank Ocean, Migos, Calvin Harris (Momo)

Incredible by Future (Aisha)

Who are your top five influencers in life/art/music/fashion etc?

Solange Knowles

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Kristen Crawley (Fashion)

Yagazie Emezi (photography)

A$AP Rocky (Fashion)

Tell us a childhood secret!

Well we went to a really anal/strict boarding school together, and apart from the standard sneaking out, sneaking into the headteacher’s bathrooms etc we once snuck into the school visitor’s room and “stole” the glasses, snacks, bottles of water laid out for the guests. It was a huge thing in school which we found hilarious, we got sent emails for weeks after with threats that the perpetrators would be found (we never were).