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We recently got together with Scott Quinn, Songwriter and Music Maker. See our Q&A with him below and heres the link to the playlist he put together for our store! >>>

How did you get started?

I've been playing music for as long as I can remember, and I cut my teeth playing in multiple bands and orchestras growing up. I've been fortunate to have always known that I wanted build a career out of music, but never knew exactly what I'd be doing. For a while I thought I'd write music for film and TV (something I'll definitely explore along the way) but then my solo project took off! I had played in a band for years and thought that might be my break. Not knowing that a project I didat uni would get me my first Radio 1 play as a solo artist.

What was the last song you listened to?

Tom Misch - Crazy Dream

If you weren’t a songwriter what would you be doing?

I like to think of myself a budding entrepreneur and I have a couple of side projects on the go at the moment. So most likely I'd focus more on building business's if I wasn't a musician. Whatever I was doing though, It would no doubt be something creative.

What made you choose the songs on your playlist for us?

All the songs on that playlist are tracks that I'm listening to daily. I take a lot of pleasure in sharing new music/artists with people and there are at least a couple of names on there that people won't have heard of, but should! 

Who are your top 5 influences in life/art/music etc?

A big influence in my writing is human relationships and interaction. Not just soppy love stories but songs challenging how we live our life and whether we're making the most of it. In Life I have vowed to never accept boredom or unhappiness, you'll never find me working a job I don't enjoy.

Do you usually shop vintage?

Shopping vintage is definitly a recent discovery for me but so far it's been great!

Tell us a childhood secret?

I must have been about 10 years old when I did stand up comedy for a talent shown at a Haven holiday park...I've always thought I was funny...shame no one else did!! 

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