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Meet King Kay, North London Rapper and Producer. We recently got together and talked about all his influences to childhood secrets. Listen out in store for his hour playlist including new releases from him and see below for our mini shoot (styled in all BLITZ). 



How did you get started?

I started creating music after opening a packet of cookie crisp cereal and finding a demo version of 'ejay dance studio' which is a production software. Me and my big bro began trying our hand at beat making and I stared writing verses to rap over and ever since then I've just been continuously making music. 

What was the last song you listened to?

Kendrick Lamar - Feel

This song off his new album 'Damn' just shows that you can make amazing music without having to compromise lyrically.

If you weren't an artist what would you be doing?

If I wasn't an artist I'd probably be working a corporate job as an investment banker or something in the city lol. 

What made you choose the songs on your playlist for us?

The songs on the playlist are taken from my latest EP entitled Winner's Winter which was premiered by FADER magazine and was described by MTV as 'the perfect balance between hip hop and soul'. I've been shopping at BLITZ London for years and always have my Shazam app ready because you guys play the smoothest music from many different genres. To have my EP played in store is crazy and I think the chilled out feel of the EP definitely matches the vibe of the store.

Who are your top 5 influences in Art/Life/Music etc?

Lyrically my influences are Jay Z, Kendrick, Biggie, Dot Rotten.

Musically my influences range from Neo soul legends D'Angelo & Lauryn Hill to the jazz legend Kirk Whalum and jodeci producer devante Swing.

Do you usually shop vintage?

All the time! I'm a fan of all things old school (you can tell by my beat selection ) and I just love finding really dope pieces. I remember finding a vintage Versace denim jacket for £40, I was gassed lol. I also love the exclusivity of vintage pieces because the chances of someone else having the exact same item Is quite small. 

Tell us a childhood secret!

I took my dads Rolex watch to school to show off and cracked the face. He doesn't know which one of my siblings did it to this day. Sorry dad

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