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Meet our babe Guilia!

How long have you been working at BLITZ?

I’ve been working at blitz since April!

What’s your job role?

I’m a BLITZ team member.

What made you choose your fit?

I really like men’s trousers. I feel very comfortable in them and they are very easy to match with a white shirt for example.

Who or what currently inspires you and your style?

A combination between Diane Keaton (young and old) and the new fashion street style influence. I also really like handmade Italian jackets.

Fave pair of kicks right now?

Air max always and forever.

What’s the best thing about shopping vintage?

The best thing is the fact that you can always find unique pieces with a different style. I LOVE big/fun sunglasses and you can always find a unique pair when shopping vintage. Especially the cat-eye shape, my fave!

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