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My name is Cathy and I’m the new intern at Blitz :) 


I’ll be posting things on the blog throughout the year, so keep an eye out for goodies to come! 

You’ll get to see the behind the scenes action of what it’s like to work at the coolest vintage store in London: Drama. Fights. Love. Romance. 

Jokes. It’s mostly doing press loans, running off to mail packages, and attempting to take good flatlays of clothing while balancing yourself on a chair but still struggling because you’re vertically challenged (shoutouts to my Mom and Dad - love you guys! But not like you’re reading this cus y’all don’t know English). I’ll go into the details of what I do, and what everyone else does (which is probably more interesting and what you guys are here for) in future blog posts!

I’ve only just started a few week ago, but it’s been such a fun experience so far. Everyone has been super welcoming and nice - I am so grateful to have met so many kind people! I’ll try my best to get everyone’s personality across in my blogposts so you guys can get to know everyone too :) 

Enjoy the journey guys! It’s going to be a good one ^_^ 


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