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31 Downstairs Toilet Ideas

In the States, you’ll hear talk of two-and-a-half baths. That ‘half-bath’ is usually the guest bathroom, whether it’s downstairs or en-suite in the spare bedroom. It only has a toilet and a sink, no bathtub. Although if it has a shower cubicle it may be categorised as a ¾ bath. Still, how do you decorate this tiny space? Let’s check out a few effective downstairs toilet ideas.

Downstairs Toilet Ideas

1. Tropical Forestry

Tropical Forestry
Blitz London Credit: futureplc

Just because your downstairs toilet is cramped doesn’t mean you’re stuck with bathroom claustrophobia. By bringing in a little of the outdoors, you can make your small bathroom feel warm, spacious, and open. This downstairs toilet idea uses darker colours. The wallpaper is a deep blue littered with banana trees and monkeys. The siding is the same shade of blue.


2. Going Neutral

Going Neutral

When you’re working with a small space, neutral tones are great for making the room seem bigger. And in this downstairs bathroom, the subtle shades are getting the job done! One wall is painted a pale grey while the adjacent wall is done in off-white horizontal siding. The floor has large brick-pattern tiles in the same hue as the siding. A dark vanity finishes things.


3. Worthwhile Widening

Worthwhile Widening

For this downstairs toilet idea, the narrow wall is flanked by two longer ones, painted in a bluish-grey. To make the central wall seem wider, it’s plastered with horizontal siding. The round frameless mirror echoes the toilet seat cover and the floor is done in faux-wood tile. Since this bathroom has no windows, bright sconces are mounted over the enlarged mirror.


4. Black-and-White Bathroom

Black-and-White Bathroom
blitz london credit: wallpapershop

If your downstairs toilet has a traditional radiator, you can work it into your bathroom décor. A black one works well, but you can always spray-paint it if you need to. The floor should be black too, and you can go with real marble, natural stone, or faux tile, depending on your budget. Choose a black tile with white striations. The wallpaper is a black-and-white jungle.


5. Delightful Doorways

Delightful Doorways
blitz london Credit: houseandgarden

You might be attracted to the look of old hotels. In which case, this downstairs bathroom idea is sure to delight you. All the walls are panelled with teal-coloured door-like siding enhanced with fittings of polished brass. Opposite the wall, an elongated oval mirror lights up the room and is flanked by retro pendant lights. The toilet has a polygonal chandelier.


6. Coloured Commode

Yes, yes, we call them water closets here, but we’re allowed a little alliteration, no? And while most toilet hardware is white, you can find the odd coloured one at speciality stores if you’re willing to spend a little more. A coloured commode is a great way to add some spice to your downstairs toilet. And this dark brown toilet matches the cabinet and the mirror frame.


7. Half-and-Half


Have you heard this joke? It’s framed as a quote from The Queen that says, “There is no such thing as American English. There is English, and there are mistakes.” Still, it’s fun to see what they call things across the pond. Things like half-and-half, which we call single cream or half cream. And this toilet has lots of cream colouring on the siding. The upper half is grey.


8. Wooden Canvas

Wooden Canvas

Speaking of bathroom paint, you can do some amazing things with it. Things like creating the illusion of wood. Case in point? Take a closer look at this picture. That’s not timber on those walls. It’s paint, carefully curated to mimic hand-hewn lumber. Add that to the sink shape, the mirror frame, and those stainless steel fittings and you have a gorgeous toilet!


9. Linear Waves

Linear Waves
blitz london credit: beckysbase_at28

If you can’t draw or paint, the use of line and colour to simulate texture and depth can seem like magic. Take these curvy patterns for instance. They could be random squiggles … or ocean waves, depending on your perspective. But they certainly zhuzh up your downstairs lavatory. An extra aesthetic (and functional) touch is that cistern sink, perfect for tiny toilets.


10. Glossy Grey Tile

Glossy Grey Tile

Fixtures that do double duty (like the cistern-sink) make attractive space savers. This makes them an essential tool in your arsenal of downstairs toilet ideas. And they don’t have to be tacky. Look at this cistern-shelf-vanity. It hides the piping and provides room for storage. The sink is built-in and the colour matches the glossy grey tiles behind it. The wall is grey too.


11. Glowing Green

Glowing Green

Let’s go from grey to green with this glow-in-the-dark downstairs bathroom. It can be a blessing if you have grandparents or kids that need nightlights to get them to the loo at night. And that stepping stool is perfect for both demographics. But this trippy green tinge is likely to startle unsuspecting house guests after they’ve had a few drinks … it might be nauseating!


12. Greens in Blue

Greens in Blue

When you’re working with tight spaces, hidden plumbing can be a godsend. So if you have hollow areas behind the downstairs toilet walls, this is an idea. Vessel sinks need less square footage than standard sinks. And they’re stylish too. This one is paired with bold blue fronds on the wallpaper. A round mirror visually expands the room. A wall-mounted loo works too.


13. Sinking Centrepiece

Sinking Centrepiece

Rather than building your downstairs toilet idea around your water closet, why not use your sink as the focal point? This one has a wide top that covers half the room, but since it stands on a square pedestal, the toilet feels more airy and spacious. (Plus, it’s easier to clean!) The white walls and fixtures make the room feel bigger, and the wooden floor contrasts nicely.


14. Peach Perfect

Peach Perfect

Colour is relative. Some may call this one peach. Or fuchsia. Or hot pink. Either way, it’s a loud shade for a guest bathroom. That said, it’s your house, so it’s your call. And it’s a very pretty shade. The small wall-mounted toilet opens up the room and kills the claustrophobic feel. Half the wall is glossy and half is matte, but the white striated floor offsets everything.


15. Angular Reflections

Angular Reflections
blitz london credit: plumbtec

Many guest bathrooms are tucked under the stairs, so at least one of their ceilings is vaulted. That slanted surface means you have to be extra creative with your downstairs toilet ideas. In this one, the floating shelf and floating wall-mounted toilet make the bathroom seem bigger. The walls and floors are reflective white with grey striations, enhancing that enlarging effect.


16. Stark Stoneware

Stark Stoneware

Natural stone can be a pleasant decorative touch if you can maintain it. This downstairs toilet idea combines whitewashed upper walls with sand-coloured lower walls and floors. The layout is awkward, so the wall-mounted toilet is tucked into a corner with matching recessed shelves. The vessel sink is a stone basin and the mirror recedes into the wall as well.


17. Receding Paintwork

Receding Paintwork

When you’re working with limited space, recessed effects are your best friend. These include can lights, sunken mirrors, and paintwork that simulates depth. In this downstairs toilet, the upper half of the walls are painted a matte black that seems to push them backwards and make the bathroom seem bigger. The paint perfectly contrasts the pale floor and floating fixtures.


18. Minty Mystique

Minty Mystique

While tiles are the go-to for potentially damp rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, waterproof paint can do the trick. And if your toilet is small to begin with, the right hue can make it feel brighter, warmer, and bigger. Here, a minty green turns the toilet from claustrophobic to cosy. The fixtures are all curvy, and the decorative petal detail on the mirror is a pretty touch.


19. Deep Dark Stains

Deep Dark Stains

Stained furniture is high on the list of classy couture, and it’s a cool concept to meld into your downstairs toilet ideas. This is a fairly spacious one, and the glossy blue tile reflects light, expanding the bathroom even further. The dark stained accents on the vanity, door, picture frames, skirting boards, and roof moulding all combine to elevate the ambience of the room.


20. Planter Perfection

Planter Perfection
blitz london credit: Our Home Decor Story

Downstairs toilet ideas involving large windows can be exciting – all that natural light! But it may create a privacy issue, so try decorative drapes or blinds like this black one. It has light splotches that match the toilet’s off-white walls and fixtures. And no, that’s not a mirror. It’s a floating wire shelf that adds a level of warmth and sophistication to your guest bathroom.


21. Two-Tone Tight

Two-Tone Tight

Your too-narrow downstairs toilet doesn’t have to crowd you. Be sure to install a fan or extractor on the ceiling to stop it from smelling stuffy. A slim vanity and wall-mounted toilet open up the floor space, and the hidden plumbing partition well can double as a storage ledge or floating shelf. The lower wall is pale tile and the upper wall is a lighting green tone.


22. Boxy Floats

Boxy Floats

It’s interesting how much larger a room can look and feel just by raising things off the floor. This downstairs bathroom has a floating toilet and sink that instantly add visual square footage. The frameless modern mirror feeds off the grey tile, and the ledge above the plumbing partition wall offers storage without crowding or cluttering your small bathroom.


23. Modern Styling

Modern Styling

Blue is a popular colour for bathrooms because it’s so calming. But interior designers generally go for pastel hues. This downstairs toilet idea does employ a pale blue, but it also has a darker blue accent wall. The contemporary fixtures control the room – that backlit mirror and large platform sink hold your attention. You’ll forget how small the room is!


24. Whitewashed Trim

Whitewashed Trim

A lot of us assume grey is a dull, drab colour. Especially in a minuscule downstairs toilet. But as this concept shows, if you apply it right, it can work wonders in your guest bathroom. Here, the grey paint is accented with gleaming white trim around the mirror and wall dividers. There are also decorative white squares to match the curvy pedestal sink and toilet.


25. Creative Coral

Creative Coral
blitz london credit: through_the_lane

Wall hangings are a nice touch in bathroom décor. And you don’t have to be particularly talented or artistic. You could do a DIY like this picture frame made of reclaimed wood. The vinyl words are steam-pressed onto the see-through glass, which lets you see the effect of the wall. Most of that wall is painted coral, with only one foot near the ceiling remaining white.


26. Vertical Horizons

Vertical Horizons

Ordinarily, you’d use horizontal stripes to widen a small surface. But in this case, the alignment of the toilet window and lower wall siding is all vertical. It works surprisingly well. How? By pulling your eye up and down and pushing the narrowness of the bathroom to the back of your mind. The mirror reflects the window, making the bathroom seem big and airy.


27. Widening White

Widening White
blitz london credit: granddesignsmagazine

This downstairs toilet idea bounces off the vaulted ceiling to enhance the illusion of space. By using two-tone tiles in various textures, the floor and walls recede. The grey tiles on the toilet walls and floor are the same shade as the painted wall outside the bathroom. Larger white tiles on the back wall form a continuous line to the ceiling, further enlarging the bathroom.


28. Vibrant Vintage

Vibrant Vintage

By mixing contemporary décor with classic elements, you can get a remarkably stylish downstairs toilet. Here, the fixtures are modern – a deep vessel sink and a futuristic faucet (that’s the tap). But the curvy gilded mirror and mahogany cabinet have a rustic appeal that never seems to age. The toilet itself has equally decorative grooves and moulded corners.


29. Classic Knobs

Classic Knobs

Here’s another example of dark stains in your downstairs toilet idea. The accents complement each other on the vanity and mirrored medicine cabinet. Plus those two dark decorative boxes on the floating shelves. The toilet and sink are beige and the walls are a soothing shade of pastel green. Warm yellow bulbs and brass fittings complete the effect.


30. Toilet Combos

Toilet Combos
blitz london credit: ourmidcenturyhomerenovation

Because downstairs toilets are often so small, it can be helpful to use multipurpose fittings. Like concealed plumbing that doubles as storage space. The room still looks quite busy, but it feels less crowded. The cabinet and wall are the same shade of grey while the cantilevered sink matches the toilet. The recessed section of the room offers apt placement for your extractor.


31. Formal Furniture

Formal Furniture

At first glance, this downstairs toilet seems harsh and clinical. But it works for someone with a sober persona. The floor and half the walls are glossy grey tiles, though the floor tiles are cut larger. The upper walls are painted white, reflecting the daylight from that big window. A few extra touches – a slim white vanity, an abstract white mirror frame, and a boxy white loo.


How have you laid out your downstairs toilet? Show us your photos in the comments section!


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