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33 Quirky Downstairs Toilet Ideas

In most cases, your downstairs bathroom sits under the stairs. But even if it’s positioned by the front door, its (lack of) size can make it frustrating to decorate. Luckily, it’s the perfect project for eccentric or artsy types! So let’s check out some quirky downstairs toilet ideas.

33 Quirky Downstairs Toilet Ideas

1. Flamingo Fantasy

Flamingo Fantasy

Your loo may not be Pinterest Famous, but you can still do a lot with it. Try experimenting with these quirky downstairs toilet ideas. This one has a black accent wall dotted with reeds and flamingos. The floor has diagonally striped tiles that form black-and-white squares. The mirror stands on the floor, visually doubling the width of the room. Flowers are good too.


2. Get The Chair

Get The Chair
blitz london credit: houseandgarden

For tastes that lean toward the macabre, imagine having an ‘electric chair’ in your bathroom! The wooden seat is mounted over the water closet. When you lift the flap, it exposes the toilet bowl. It’s a comfy toilet because you’re sitting on a warm wooden chair rather than a cold porcelain piece. The ‘jungle’ wallpaper is a vibrant blue while the fittings are polished brass.


3. Gorgeous Goldfish

Gorgeous Goldfish
blitz london credit: bigbathroomshop

You’ve heard of goldfish, but what about golden fish? These gilded sea creatures are swimming on the murky grey wallpaper that covers the upper half of the wall. Their shiny scales catch the light to create a glow-in-the-dark effect that is weird and wonderful. But it might startle you at night! The lower wall is painted green, and the mirror is gilded as well.


4. Couture Clutter

Couture Clutter

It’s intuitive to take a minimalist approach to your downstairs toilet – it’s so small! But if you’re someone that prefers that busy look, you can still carefully arrange your stuff to stop the toile feeling crowded. The effect here is cosy and classy. The faux stone backsplash, open shelf, plants, and baskets give your toilet a cottage-like feel. That mirror enlarges the room.


5. Writing Wall

Writing Wall

Tired of scrubbing your children’s caricatures off the wall? Try a little reverse psychology. A dark accent wall doubles as a blackboard. This is perfect if the downstairs toilet is used by kids and teens – they’re sure to leave lots of lovely ‘art’ on the walls. Plus, since they have a whole wall to soil, they’ll be extra careful about keeping that gleaming white hardware spotless!


6. Tribal Temptation

Tribal Temptation

The word ‘tribal’ has become a cliché. But it’s still a convenient shorthand for the bold striped patterns and claw marks you see on indigenous tattoos and décor. This toilet combines chevron wall tiles with triple-claw wallpaper to create that Polynesian effect. Save floor space with a vessel sink and floating bottle holders for your soap and lotion dispensers.


7. Busy Beauty

Busy Beauty

This downstairs toilet idea is a tad … chaotic, so be sure your guests can handle it. Otherwise, if it suits your tastes, you can keep the concept for your master en-suite. The wallpaper has tight red prints while the floor is full of bold blue stars. To lighten up the room, three mirrors bounce the light around. Bright yellow towels match the backsplash and skirting board tiles.


8. Trippy Artistic

Trippy Artistic
blitz london credit: theidlehandsblog

How often do you stare at the ceiling when you’re doing your business? In this downstairs toilet, your eyes will stray upwards a lot because that quirky lampshade is sure to hold your attention! As for the wallpaper, it does feel a little spaced out. Still, the black background goes with the toilet lid, and the vases match the glossy tile on the lower half of the walls.


9. Colourful Tapestries

Colourful Tapestries
blitz london credit: paperroominteriors

If you’ve visited old homes (or seen them on TV), you’re familiar with the patterns on retro parlour upholstery. It probably makes you think of your gran. So in case you’re into that, you can recreate the effect using wallpaper. The bathroom has a colourful version of that design, and the floor is black-and-white with ringed crosses and diamond-shaped motifs on the tile.


10. Dots and Stripes

Dots and Stripes

Creativity is a curious thing, and you can do some amazing things if you experiment with it. Take this downstairs toilet. It seems ridiculously simple – circles and lines in black and white. But the combination of thick stripes and large polka dots have a dramatic effect. The white round vessel sink and the mirrors with black frames keep everything congruous.


11. Homely Handiwork

Homely Handiwork

Forest cabins don’t always have indoor plumbing. But you can bring some of that outdoor delight into your urban home. This downstairs toilet idea incorporates natural timber panelling from floor to ceiling. You can install true wood siding or you can use paint, faux-wood tile, or wallpaper to mimic that lumber effect. Rustic brass fittings complete the look.


12. Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick

We’ve toured a contemporary wooden bathroom, now let’s see what you can do with modern brick. The lower half of the wall has glossy tiles laid in a staggered brick pattern. These tiles are a pale grey that’s almost white. The upper half uses wallpaper to simulate distressed clay bricks. The corner sink and small boxy toilet save space while the mirror stretches the room.


13. Big Cat Bathroom

Big Cat Bathroom

When you’re decorating your downstairs toilet, remember that guests will use it more often than you will. So if your taste is too far out there, your visitors may feel awkward. Still, it’s your house, so if this quirky downstairs toilet idea appeals to you, go nuts! The dark-spotted wallpaper is littered with leopards and the mirror is framed with short tied bamboo shafts.


14. Throne Room

Throne Room

This throne room – pun intended – is a tribute to Harry and Meghan. It’s filled with tchotchkes and souvenirs from their royal wedding. This downstairs toilet has bits of glitter everywhere from the ‘blingy’ zirconium on the chandelier to the sparkly Union Jack on the floor. Notice the red toilet paper and the wedding dress hanging on a sash beside the toilet…


15. Stacked Stone

Stacked Stone

Sometimes, the simplest approach takes the most work. This downstairs toilet seems pretty minimal. But the back wall is made of stacked stone, an odd idea for indoor décor. You could also use the faux-stone fencing panels designed for outdoor edging. The other toilet walls are basic sand-coloured tiles. The tiles are large oblong blocks, not the usual 4-inch square ones.


16. Eight-Pointed Stars

Eight-Pointed Stars
blitz london credit: bestbeforeenddate

Here’s another fun way to play up black-and-white in your downstairs toilet idea. The walls and ceiling are painted a matte black, or maybe a very dark grey to highlight the black toilet lid. For the floor and backsplash, use white or off-white tiles with black stars printed on them. The 8-point star is more striking than the typical 5 or 6-point one. Add a punny quote.


17. Terrific Terrariums

Terrific Terrariums

Plants are great decorations for toilets. They freshen the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and they bring life into the room. But if live plants or plastic flowers aren’t your thing, consider this terrarium-peppered wallpaper. Curiously, a lot of those shrubs are cactuses (cacti?) so this is the perfect décor for the anti-gardening brigade. The lower wall is green panelling.


18. Mirrored Windows

Mirrored Windows

Your downstairs toilet is unlikely to have any natural light. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a window treatment, pun intended. The mirror is riddled with sashes to mimic an actual window, and the wallpaper resembles grandma’s curtains. It’s a matte black with massive flowers and dashes of foliage. Also, the pedestal sink has a pink tile backsplash.


19. Frenzy and Fronds

Frenzy and Fronds

In the movies, when someone is walking through dense palm fronds, their anxiety is on high alert as they expect a jaguar to come jumping out. So the dense leafy décor on this dark wallpaper feels vaguely ominous. That’s not the goal though. This downstairs toilet idea simulates a tropical jungle, from its green canopy to the woodsy tile on the wall and floor.


20. Chez Stinky

Chez Stinky

In one quirky rom-com novel, an heiress finds herself in a house with multiple cats and dogs. But in this downstairs toilet, the playful painting has a beautiful woman with her finger under her nose to block the stench. Beyond that teasing picture, the toilet has green siding on the lower walls and floral wallpaper on the upper walls. The fittings are polished brass.


21. Faux Fur Fabulous

Faux Fur Fabulous

When you’re hunting for quirky downstairs toilet ideas, you’ll come across everything from stark concrete to paisley patterned wallpaper. But this bathroom takes the prize with its black and gold theme. The black wallpaper has gilded scallops and all the fixtures are polished brass. A faux fur rug sits next to an oddly placed mirror at the corner of the floor.


22. Boldly Retro

Boldly Retro

This downstairs toilet is an amazing mix of elements and design periods. It feels a bit like an outhouse, but the modern fittings are a puzzle. The walls have glossy black panelling and the medicine cabinet has a retro touch. The weirdly flowered water closet has a wooden seat and lid and the pedestal sink is pink. The hanging flush chain is polished brass, just like the tap.


23. Forests in the Fall

Forests in the Fall

Urban dwellers seem drawn to outdoorsy décor, whether it’s a toilet wall that simulates the pier or wallpaper with pictures of plants and animals. This downstairs toilet leans into the latter. The wallpaper shows a fall setting (that’s autumn over here) with straggling fruit in a leafless forest. The birdcage mirror creates infinite reflections that visually enlarge the room.


24. Linear Illusions

Linear Illusions
blitz london credit: granddesignsmagazine

When someone suggests using linear elements to make a small room look bigger, we assume they mean horizontal ones. They pull your eyes sideways, causing the space to seem wider. But here, a clever trick applies – colour-blocked vertical tiles set off at diagonals. This forms a staircase effect that increases the visual size of this toilet. And the orange fixtures are fun!


 25. Green and Pink

Green and Pink

On this list so far, we’ve seen freaky fronds and fabulous flamingos … but would you try both? If you can stand it, this downstairs toilet idea will certainly get your guests talking. The sink has a harsh boxy silhouette and is flanked by floating shelves in stainless steel. The main wall is grey tile with a frameless mirror while the sidewall is bright pink with philodendrons.


26. Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Here’s another downstairs toilet idea for lovers of the macabre. At first, your eyes will zoom to the bright orange wallpaper. It features monkeys swinging on vines and picking fruit. The skylight and sparkly bauble chandeliers keep the room well-lit – day or night. Which helps once you notice the creepy dolls perched on the cistern. Your guests might need a crucifix!


27. Wonderful Weaving

Wonderful Weaving

This downstairs toilet idea might be tricky to execute, but if you can pull it off, you’re a star! The concept is to get bits and pieces of reed mats. Tape them together in abstract shapes with black and yellow tape at the borders. Mount this reedy ‘wallpaper’ on every surface, including the floor. Alternatively, hire a good artist to replicate this concept with wall paint.


28. Brassy Beauty

Brassy Beauty

This next concept is equally garish but it’s somewhat easier to execute. The centrepiece of this toilet is the hammered brass sink installed on a retro wooden vanity. The round overhead mirror is set at an impractical angle and the glass floating shelf adds a touch of modernity. The wallpaper is a strangely busy selection full of yellow and purple flowers.


29. Cosy Cubby

Cosy Cubby
blitz london credit: bathroomsupastore

Sometimes, your downstairs toilet puts Harry Potter’s Cupboard to shame. But you can still make it work. Paint the walls in pale colours like beige or minty green to make it feel bigger. Use a slim water closet that has a sink built into to cistern so it takes up less space. Then use a warmer colour on the walls outside the toilet to warm up the space. Peach can be effective.


30. Portraits and Zebras

Portraits and Zebras

Would you want artsy family portraits in your toilet? Well, guests use it a lot, so maybe you want them to see your photography skills. Picture frames aside, this bathroom has zebra-striped wall panels to match the black-and-white vanity. The brass fittings echo the frames on the mirror and the photos. The other wall is matte black and the backsplash is white cork.


31. Garishly Gorgeous

Garishly Gorgeous
blitz london credit: kallumsbathrooms

Mixed prints can confuse your brain, and the ones chosen here are potentially nauseating. Still, beauty, beholders, and all that let’s just tell you how to achieve it. The wall behind the toilet has chevron tiles and a recessed shelf that matches the marble on the floor and lower wall. And the wall that hosts the mirror has a silk-like pattern of peacock feathers and tones.


32. Spots of Senzo

Spots of Senzo

Aaaaand back to big-cat-spots. Except this time, the patterning is placed without context. This wallpaper is called Senzo, and it features a dense scattering of black-and-gold spots on a green background. They could be jaguar spots or bacteria, but the yellowish nuclei pleasantly offset the brass taps, towel hoops, and mirror frames. The glass shelf has a green tint too.


33. Mossy Magic

Mossy Magic

For our final downstairs toilet idea, start with a vessel sink sitting on a reclaimed wood table. The plumbing is mounted on a platform made of the same distressed timber. A vertical moss mat is mounted on the wall behind the toilet and climbs to the ceiling. The accent wall has hexagonal motifs while the others are painted a dark grey or matte black. The floor is tile.

Do you prefer the downstairs toilet simple or quirky? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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