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33 Small Toilet And Bathroom Ideas

So you’ve found a house you’re in love with. Or maybe you’re already renting … but you hate the bathroom. It’s so small! Luckily, with a few savvy style tricks, you can make your space feel larger. Let’s check out some small toilet and bathroom ideas you can experiment with.

Small Toilet And Bathroom Ideas

1. Bits of Black

Bits of Black
blitz london credit: decombo

The default setting for bathrooms is white tile and white fixtures. This tendency is even stronger when you’re looking into small toilet and bathroom ideas because white makes things look bigger. But to add some personality to this bathroom, they added black accents through the taps, plumbing, toilet brush, toilet roll holder, soap dispenser, and storage basket.


2. Artsy Ambiance

Artsy Ambiance

People in the creative arts are often drawn to marble and similar materials because they tend towards pareidolia. But you can infuse your art into the bathroom via wallpaper as well. This room has tastefully framed drawings over the toilet. They’re nude studies, so they’re a tad risqué for your guest loo. Behind the art, the wallpaper shows a Chinese village.


3. Beachside Balm

Beachside Balm

Even on a small set of islands like the UK, not everyone can afford to live by the sea. But you can bring a bit of the beach into your home. Specifically, your bathroom. The walls over the bathtub and the bathroom floor are lined with natural stone in sandy tones while the wall is painted a pastel yellow. The curtains have bamboo reeds and the pedestal sink creates space.


4. Powdery Blue

Powdery Blue

The screen door keeps this bathroom well-ventilated, and its nude wood tone is echoed in the shelving. But for the rest of the bathroom, the guiding colour is blue. It’s painted on the upper walls and the storage area. The floor is pale blue tile in hexagonal patterns with black grouting. The lower half of the walls is striated tile. A blue-drop painting hangs on the wall


5. Oblong Ablutions

Oblong Ablutions

Perhaps you prefer a stark, low-fuss look in your bathroom. Here, rectangular shapes rule the roost. These tiles are arranged in a staggered brick pattern that the Americans refer to as subway tiles (because they resemble the style of the New York Subway). The floor has faux-wood subway tiles while the walls have the standard white ones. That ladder is for towels.


6. Enhanced Reflections

Enhanced Reflections

The biggest secret of small toilet and bathroom ideas is well-placed glass. In this toilet, the mirror is opposite the door, doubling the room length. Meanwhile, a glass shower enclosure is mounted across from the window, stretching your bathroom width. Texture is a key element too. The upper walls have horizontally grained wallpaper. The lower walls are vertical siding.


7. Sunny Petals

Sunny Petals

Here’s another canary-coloured set-up. The frameless mirror stands in one corner, opposite the bathroom door. This makes the room seems longer. The walls are painted a warming yellow, with paintings of flowers and a few more in the vase. The floor is made of rich dark brown wood panels, though self-adhesives or faux tile will do. The vanity is brown wood too.


8. Blue Zoning

Blue Zoning

This small bathroom benefits from creative subdivisions. While renovating the space, the owners put in these cylindrical cubicles to partition the toilet and shower. Each glass tube has its own blue nightlights to avoid over-waking you during midnight bathroom trips. The chest-high cylinder sink continues the theme, and faux-wood flooring graces the whole area.


9. Glass Dividers

Glass Dividers
blitz london credit: blowingideas

Compromising with your partner can be an Olympic task. Especially in terms of décor. But if the man of the house wants that stark concrete look, you could meet halfway with matte grey tiles that persuasively mimic cement. To keep things classy, use a vessel sink with shelves of distressed wood. You can partition the shower and the recessed shelf with green glass sheets.


10. Floral Fetish

Floral Fetish

How bold are your tastes? For the adventurous decorator, this red wallpaper is quite the find. It’s dotted with golden vines, giving your toilet the upholstered feel of old British parlours. The floor is a gold-tinged wood while the dustbin and mirror frame pick on those gilded elements. To maintain the vintage tone, the hardware has boxy corners and moulding.


11. Toilet Tree

Toilet Tree

And yes, the pun is intended. Either way, when small toilet and bathroom ideas are well-executed, you won’t even notice how tiny the space is, especially if you look from above. In this case, a half-wall separates the tub from the toilet, and a map-like tech tree is painted on the wall to brighten this tiny toilet. You can add ‘fruits’ or icons that reflect your personality.


12. Black, White & Gold

Black, White & Gold

This bathroom takes an interesting approach to the black-and-white theme. The walls are white staggered tile with black grout. The floor has black hexagonal tiles with white grouting. The hardware in the shower has a golden tone, but be sure to pick a showerhead and pipes that can withstand constant exposure to soap and steam. Polished brass is a good choice.


13. Planting Perfection

Planting Perfection
blitz london credit: unsplash

Bathroom plants can be a convenient way to liven up your small space. Talk to the local flower expert and find out which species do well with the constant moisture, low light, and soap exposure that defines typical bathrooms. Your plants may not need regular watering, since the shower does that. But you may have to clean off mud spots and manage any bugs.


14. Mossy Magic

Mossy Magic
blitz london credit: archziner

This bathroom uses earth tones to bring the room alive. The tiles are an artistically muddy brown while the shower wall is waterproof wood panelling. (Faux-wood tile works too.) But the highlight is that green strip over the toilet. You could make it a glass cut-out that exposes the green hedge behind … or you could build a recessed shelf and fill it with live moss plugs…


15. Eyes Up!

Eyes Up!

Clever designers – both in fashion and interiors – are skilled at dragging your eyes where they want them. They’ll use smart techniques to pull your attention away from flaws and highlight strong points. In this small bathroom, those two rows of dark green tile command your focus and hold it so you barely notice how small (and white) the rest of the room is!


16. Droplet Mirrors

Droplet Mirrors

It’s fascinating to watch light reflecting off water droplets. And it can be soothing to see condensed steam slipping down the shower wall. This small toilet and bathroom idea employs this concept by littering the tiled shower wall with drop-shaped mirrors. The mini reflections expand the room immensely. And the pod-like toilet and vessel sink are so classy!


17. Circular Segments

Circular Segments

That circular element on the mirror might be a backlight or it may be a reflection of a fixture across the room. Either way, it shows how round motifs can extend the visual perception of a small bathroom. The vessel sink is a circle too, and it sits on a floating shelf made of dark wood. The shelf has a drawer for storage, and the spherical theme extends to the flush panel.


18. Glowing Reflections

Glowing Reflections

This small toilet and bathroom idea more clearly showcases the result of backlighting. Like the previous design concept, it has a round mirror and a disc-shaped vessel sink. But the backlight makes the mirror glow while the glass shower door heightens the reflective effect. The counter and the wall behind the mirror are faux wood that can survive the shower steam.


19. Agender Reveal

Agender Reveal

You may have heard of (disastrous) gender reveal parties where pink prophesies a girl and blue confirms a boy. This bathroom caters to both and would be good for families raising gender-neutral (and/or non-binary) kids. It could also work for a shared mixed-gender bathroom. The pops of blue and pink make the room exciting and affirming for both kids.


20. Wood & Marble

Wood & Marble
blitz london credit: engineeringdiscoveries

If you can afford it, marble works great in small toilets and bathrooms. Since it comes in larger slabs, the continuous line and pale colours can make the room feel larger. And you won’t use as much – the space is already small. That helps with your budget. For some variation, try a wood-themed shower wall, but make sure it’s either tile or waterproof wood.


21. Layered & Lovely

Layered & Lovely

Even if you prefer dull neutral tones in your tile, you can make them a bit more appealing. In this case, the tiles are three shades of grey so they’re installed in alternating columns to form broad vertical stripes. But they’re arranged in rectangles and have sideways grooves. So they stretch the visual width of the bathroom to make it seem bigger. The sink is linear as well.


22. Back to Basics

Back to Basics

This bathroom has the kind of rustic feel you’d expect from a barebones cottage in the forest, and it looks amazing. The vessel sink is hammered metal while the tile is natural stone in sandy shades. The wood detail in the shelves, vanity, and mirror frame create this holistic earth-mother ambience. The terrazzo shower floor is a study in affordability and simplicity.


23. Layers of Light

Layers of Light
blitz london credit: stylesatlife

You don’t see pendant lights much in modern design because can lights are cleaner and more contemporary. But you can still apply these old-school techniques artistically. This bathroom has retro pendants enclosed in black wire cages and hung at varying heights. The effect is beautiful and keeps your eyes on the pretty skylight ceiling, not the cramped floor space.


24. Golden Glints

Golden Glints
blitz london credit: futureplc

While lots of bathrooms have gold accents, it’s never karat gold. That’s too soft and too expensive! You might opt for gold-plating or polished brass, but it has to withstand rust, corrosion, and the sometimes abrasive chemical in bath and beauty products. Here, gilded detail dots the room, from the hardware, lighting, fittings, and frames to the rim of the sink.


25. Beautifully Brown

Beautifully Brown

Not everyone would consider this murky shade of brown beautiful. But set off against white skirting boards and trim, it works. The pedestal sink opens up the room, and the black bits of the white tile floor add some visual interest. On the window, the reddish-brown blinds match the room, and the perpendicular mirror bounces natural light around this small bathroom.


26. Bathroom Table

Bathroom Table

You’ve heard of a kitchen table … but a bathroom table? Well, it’s an option if you’re installing a vessel sink. This bathroom has a heavy rectangular twin sink that echoes the bathtub beside it. So the table below has a sturdy speckled stone tabletop and bright green wooden legs. The walls are white subway tile while the tub coping matches the countertop.


27. Copper Cop-Outs

Copper Cop-Outs

Just because your bathroom is under the stairs (on in the attic) doesn’t mean you’re doomed. You can use that vaulted ceiling to your advantage. Here, the designer leaned into the dim lighting. The walls are matte grey and the floor is hexagonal tile. The hardware comprises copper basins as twin sinks, two round mirrors, a wooden table, and a mosaic backsplash.


28. Shallow Sink

Shallow Sink

Vessel sinks save space, but because they’re so deep, they sometimes need a heavy platform that crowds the room. So try this slim-fit vessel sink. It’s elongated but shallow so it fits in a tight toilet. That white vanity, washing machine, and tub make the bathroom feel cramped. But the large frameless mirror doubles the room size. The wall tiles have a grey denim feel.


29. Altered Attic

Altered Attic

With an attic bathroom, you have the option of building a skylight into that vaulted ceiling. It will bring in natural light, help with scent control, and drastically open up your tiny toilet. The cute floating vanity has wood grain detail in pale shades. The bathroom is done in gradients, from the dark tile floor to the tan bathtub coping. The upper walls are white.


30. Cultured Graffiti

Cultured Graffiti

Given the white tile background, this colourful bathroom has a trippy tie-dye effect. It helps to brighten the room and add a quirky touch of personality. But you have to pick pint-sized fittings to suit the size. That tiny corner sink is cute but effective, and it would go well with a low-profile wall-hung floating toilet. Use black-and-white drawings to counter the colour.


31. Happy Helpers

Happy Helpers

As you’re playing around with small toilet and bathroom ideas, don’t settle for plain old white. Pops of colour can really elevate your space, and not just for kids! In this case though, while the blue and green help, victory lies in the twin sinks. You’ll have far fewer sibling wars and cries of “Tell Tom to stop breathing on me!” if the kids have separate grooming spaces.


 32. Leaning In

Leaning In

How do you decide whether you need a fancy toilet or a bidet? If you have the budget, you can get both! This small toilet and bathroom idea incorporates a matching set of pod-like hardware that’s curiously curvy and leans forward. To keep the focus on these centrepieces, go simple in the rest of the bathroom. Try deep blue or black wall paint, and white flooring.


 33. Designer Tubs

Designer Tubs

If you must have a bathtub in your small bathroom, get a customised one. Tiny House or static caravan furniture can be useful. This designer went for a short slipper tub made of copper. Its lack of length is countered by a taller height so you can curl your knees and still be submerged up to your chest or shoulders. Those tall copper vases offer additional accents.


What ideas have you tried in your small toilet and bathroom? Share photos in the comments!


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