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31 Small Toilet Decorating Ideas

When you’re decorating a small toilet, you’re probably worried about stuffiness and storage. You want space for all your toiletries and knick-knacks, but you don’t want the space to feel cluttered or crowded. So let’s check out some small toilet decorating ideas that keep the room well-ventilated, sufficiently lit, nice-smelling, and pleasant to use regardless of its size.

Small Toilet Decorating Ideas

1. Sculptural Sinks

Sculptural Sinks
blitz london credit: decombo

It’s easy to take your bathroom sink for granted. But if you pick the right one, it can elevate your small toilet decorating ideas. Here, a wall-mounted floating toilet saves space while the wood accents on the floor add elegance. The centrepiece is that sink styled like a drinking fountain. For future reference, that ‘square cone’ shape is called a frustum. You’re welcome!


2. Indoor Siding

Indoor Siding
blitz london credit: helen_harry_interiors_

Horizontal lines are the design shortcut to widening a space. But if you do it right, vertical patterns can be just as effective. This small toilet is decorated with indoor siding – you can opt for vinyl or wood. The lower half of the side walls, the vanity, and the whole of the rear wall are grey vertical siding to match the floor. The large mirror doubles the bathroom width.


3. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

In its original form (i.e. the song by the song by The Psychedelic Furs), the phrase ‘pretty in pink’ means the same as ‘birthday suit’. But in practical use (and in the movie), it’s more about genteel pink choices in fashion or design. So it applies to this small toilet idea. If nothing else, you can spice up your small toilet décor by cladding the walls with pink tiles.


4. Barks and Stripes

Barks and Stripes

This ¾ bath has a shower cubicle, and steam doesn’t do well with wood. And yet the shower enclosure is lined in a woodsy theme. You could try tile, natural stone, or vinyl panels striated to simulate the tree barks in a tropical jungle. The rest of the room uses tan fittings (toilet, cabinet, vanity) and copper hardware (vessel sink, toilet roll holder, toilet brush, bin).


5. Floating Fancy

Floating Fancy

Floating shelves can be a pleasure to build if you’re into DIY. But adding an unusual enclosure can upgrade your storage style. For this bathroom layout, the open shelf is framed with curvy railings of polished brass plus a triangular grid at the front. This keeps your toilet products from falling onto (or into) the toilet, but also makes your small toilet super fancy!


6. Black Beauty

Black Beauty
blitz london credit: mesmerized_design

Black water closets may seem like teen rebellion. (Plus, your guests might think you’re gothic!) But if you style it right, it makes aesthetic sense. The toilet here matches the vanity and is echoes in the mirror frame and that decorative gourd at the corner. The sink, floor, and walls are a sandy shade of cement dotted with lots of sparkly sandstones in various hues.


7. Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

You might disagree about whether the colour scheme in this bathroom is green or yellow. And it’s not clear whether it’s the tile or the lighting that’s tinted. Either way, it’s a clever design hack, since a coloured bulb can change the mood and elevate the style of a plain white bathroom. But that stainless steel sink is the real decorative masterpiece. Unexpectedly apt!


8. Aerial View

Aerial View

Once you install a bathtub, it’s tough to argue that your bathroom is small. But this aerial shot shows how tight this toilet space is. The massive mirror is placed opposite a vertical glass cabinet, visually doubling the size of the room. The floor and three walls are clad in mosaic tile that pulls your eyes upwards and outwards. This makes the toilet feel much bigger.


9. Level Up

Level Up

Toilet roll holders seem like a small thing, but if your bathroom doesn’t have one, you may need a drill or a suction cup. Or you could buy a portable one with a smaller footprint. To save even more space, this small toilet is decorated with thick floating shelves above the cistern. The lowest level floats wall to wall while the other two alternate to great effect.


10. Peeking Pineapples

Peeking Pineapples
blitz london credit: insidesouter65

Black and gold go well together, even if the ‘gold’ is really brass or bronze. In this design coup, the dark wallpaper is littered with pineapples and covers the upper half of the walls. The lower walls are vinyl panels in a duller shade of black. Wooden accents draw your eye to the mirror frame counter while the white water closet and sink are space-saving models.


11. Pastel Pampering

Pastel Pampering

You may have heard of the so-called Japanese Toilets. They’re usually tucked into tight spaces but are decorated in cute, fashionable ways. Plus, the water closets themselves are styled as bidets with lots of high-tech features. You could install one of these in your small toilet. Extra points if it’s coloured. This pink one goes well with the girly décor around it.


12. Loo and Laundry

Loo and Laundry

Your flat may be so tiny that all your water-related tasks are squashed into a single room. Toilet, shower, laundry, all in one spot! But that doesn’t have to be a disaster. Just get bite-sized appliances you can squeeze into place. That washer fits exactly in that nook, and the loo is proportional. Finish with faux wood accents on the shower floor and behind the toilet.


13. Gallant Garlands

Gallant Garlands
blitz london credit: medium

Air freshener is a must-have in any toilet. But as an alternative that’s both decorative and stylish, why not try a fresh flower garland? You can replace it once or twice a week and get a species that doesn’t draw bugs. To go with your woodsy them, panel the wall with reclaimed planks of wood. Or with tile, wallpaper, or self-adhesive strips that have faux-wood prints.


14. Topless Toilets

Topless Toilets
blitz london credit: ola.fotobloo

A standard toilet has a tank (aka cistern) above it, so these modified wall-hung toilets are technically topless. But also, this small toilet idea extends that ‘nude’ effect to the sterile upper wall. It’s painted a stark white that contrasts the gleaming green tile below it. These tiles are vertically stacked to make the small toilet seem larger. And the fixtures are brass.


15. Coral Couture

Coral Couture

Adding a splash of colour can drastically elevate the size and style of your toilet, whether it’s a coral curtain, bold paint, patterned wallpaper, or a tinted toilet bowl. In this small toilet idea, every surface is the same peachy pink ‘coral’ shade. All the surfaces are made of the same easy-to-clean material as the toilet, which might be poly, porcelain, or fibreglass.


16. Extra Storage

Extra Storage

The size of your toilet doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from traditional storage options. It just means you’ll have to measure your surfaces so you can build or buy customised sizes. This bathroom has a tall white vanity that rises slightly higher than the top of the cistern. And above that toilet tank, a second cabinet is mounted on the wall. It matches the sink.


17. Wooden Accents

Wooden Accents

Sometimes, it’s the tiny touches that aggrandize your small toilet. And the secret here is wood. That rich, reddish-brown hue on the toilet lid is echoed in the thin strip of open shelving. And on that floating shelf, a polished bronze sculpture picks on the gilded candlestick. The shelf has two plant pots on it as well, and these can be real or plastic.


18. Bling and Beauty

Bling and Beauty
blitz london credit: house_style_design

Curiously, the slim chevron stripes on this toilet wall give it an almost metallic glint. This herringbone wallpaper offers a suitable backdrop for the ‘blingy’ light fittings and the large frameless mirror. The other walls and the floor are a subtle tan tone that works well in natural light. This small toilet has a large window graced with a see-through glass vase.


19. Turquoise Toiletry

Turquoise Toiletry

On occasion, you’re forced to live with a small toilet that has a tub or shower built-in. And you can feel quite crowded. But effective small toilet decorating ideas can soothe your spirit. Here, a shower curtain offers privacy and separates the toilet from the shower. The curtain has geometric patterns in turquoise to match the paint on the walls. It brightens the space.


20. Tall and Teal

Tall and Teal
blitz london credit: digsdigs

Now let’s go a few shades darker with this teal painted wall. Ordinary, dim colours can shrink a space. But in this small toilet idea, the semi-glossy paint contrasts the gleaming white hardware beautifully. The conical sink stands on a thick pedestal while the gilded fixtures (tap, toilet roll holder, light stand) match the frames on the mirror and artwork.


21. Backlit Mirrors

Backlit Mirrors
blitz london credit:

What if you prefer subtle tones like beiges and greys? You can still apply them to your small toilet. Here, the walls are large grey slabs of faux marble while the concealed plumbing is clad in smaller oblong tiles that mimic wood grains. But you might want to spice up your lighting choices. The pendant lights are glossy metallic cones and the mirror is backlit too.


22. Coloured Baskets

Coloured Baskets

Even if you prefer plain colours on your walls and floors, storage baskets are a quick, cute way to introduce a bit of the rainbow into your bathroom. In this small toilet, the base is a creamish-yellow panelled wall with a dark floor. The artwork has a white frame, and the mirror frame looks like tiny toilet rolls. The towel and baskets echo the colours in the picture.


23. Floral Fashion

Floral Fashion
blitz london credit: nasze_cieplekapcie

In this tiny toilet, everything has to do double duty. The table under the vessel sink has a slot for the tap, and it conceals the piping underneath. It also serves as a storage shelf and a countertop. The wall behind the square toilet has elaborate floral wallpaper and its base colour is painted on one of the other walls. The round mirror has a thick, textured frame.


24. Spicy Bathroom

Spicy Bathroom

Spice jars, can clasps, and suction cups are an interesting idea you can introduce to your small bathroom décor. The clasps can hold product bottles and tubes while suction cups can be attached to hooks where you can hang various items. In this small bathroom, the floral wallpaper and brass fittings brighten the room while the wooden ‘spice rack’ echoes the floor.


25. Gorgeous Geometry

Gorgeous Geometry

If you’ve ever sat in a chemistry class, you might see the geometric patterns on that wallpaper and think of nuclei and molecules. As is, the interlocking hexagonal shapes follow the pattern of cork tiles on the floor. The mirror and the glass-framed picture all reflect the blue and white print, forming a set of infinite reflections that make the toilet seem huge!


26. Whitewashed Wonder

Whitewashed Wonder
blitz london credit: bellabathrooms

If you ask the average resident, they’ll tell you painting your bathroom white (or using white tile) is the best idea for decorating small toilets. The reflective colour and/or the glossy surfaces make the borders recede so the room seems larger. But if you’re averse to all-white, you can temper the texture. Whitewashed wicker baskets and pale grey shag rugs are useful.


27. Gilded Lilac

Gilded Lilac

For this small bathroom, lilac vertical siding draws your eye up and down the room, making it seem taller and wider. The gilded coatings on the plumbing, lighting, and fittings add elegance and sophistication while keeping the price down – it’s all polished brass! That sienna toilet cover and the traces of golden brown on the rug unite this decorative theme.


28. Work the Window

Work the Window

Bathroom mirrors should be practical, and sometimes we forget that when we’re mired in aesthetics. Take this small toilet decorating idea. The mirror is placed close to the ceiling, so it reflects the wall-mounted light sconce as well as the window right across it. This makes the room feel bigger and brighter. But that mirror is too high to be used without a ladder so …


29. Bulbous Beauty

Bulbous Beauty
blitz london credit: archziner

If you have a small toilet area, you should get the tiniest water closet that you’re comfortable with. Extra points if it’s cute, like this bulbous model and its nude wooden cover (which may actually be plastic). For storage, size-appropriate wicker baskets are perfect, and they match the colour on the toilet lid. The black accent wall is classy, and the tan walls match the rest.


30. Candle Boxes

Candle Boxes

When you walk into this toilet, the first thing in your eye-line is that set of overlapping shelves. Their diagonal alignment draws your focus up and out, which makes the space seem larger. The mirror frame is decorated with pretty pictures too, and the shelves have candles and vases to enhance the inviting scents of this room (and cover up the less pleasant ones!)


31. Persian Prints

Persian Prints

Authentic Persian rugs can cost a liver and a kidney! Fortunately, the average consumer is content with a mass-produced knock-off. So get a colourful one for your small toilet and complement it with tapestry patterns on your hand towels. The toilet and vanity take up a lot of room, so go with a frameless mirror to open up the room. Use jar clasps for your flowers.


Do you have any small toilet decorating ideas to share? Show us photos in the comments!


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