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31 Small Toilet Ideas

In today’s urban areas, living space is limited. So while you may find a cosy flat that you adore, you may be miffed by the size of the toilet (or lack thereof!). Luckily, with a few smart tricks (and a dash of bright paint), you can make your tiny toilet seem larger and more inviting. So let’s look at some small toilet ideas that you can use to expand your bathroom.

Small Toilet Ideas

1. Lovely Lighting

Lovely Lighting

These days, college dorms and teen apartments are full of multi-coloured LEDs. But just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to leave those fancy lights behind. After all, they can be a clever way to enlarge a small toilet. In this case, the toilet corners are backlit to imply there’s more room back there. It makes the toilet feel a lot less squashed and crowded.


2. Double Duty

Double Duty
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When your toilet is narrow, you may think smaller appliances and fixtures are better. But as you can see, a big, bold, toilet set can do a better job. The slim-line sink is built into the cistern so the toilet only has a single piece of hardware, leaving the rest of the room unfettered. The slate grey walls seem to recede from said toilet, creating even more visual floor space.


3. Neutral Delight

Neutral Delight

You may think neutrals are a bad idea for small toilets. Conventional wisdom says bright colours will make the room pop and make up for its lack of size. But sometimes, the subtle approach works best. The speckled vanity over a black cabinet makes good use of that tight corner. And the horizontal siding works well with the grey painted wall. They add interest.


4. Split Palm Perfection

Split Palm Perfection

While white is the go-to for many bathrooms, it’s especially popular in small toilets because it expands the space. But to avoid that clinic couture, add a dash of colour, stripe, or print on your bath linens. Here, the storage baskets have square grids while the rug is striped. Yellow tassels on the towel match the yellow soap dispensers and toothbrushes. The palm leaf helps.


5. Rainbow Tiles

Rainbow Tiles

Sometimes, a dash of colour is just what you need. This tiny toilet has a dull floor of self-adhesive faux-wood tiles that are easy to maintain. But to spice up the room, the wall tiles are done in coloured columns of square tiles. Each one is a different hue – indigo, lavender, mint, mustard – they make this small toile seem much larger, wider, and far more intriguing.


6. Vaulted Visions

Vaulted Visions
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The space under your staircase is often used as a pantry or shoe store. In some homes, it comes with a built-in toilet. But if not, you can easily convert it into one, as this family did. The bold green wall counters the vaulted effect while highlighting the white hardware. The floor has faux-wood chevron tiles. You can use timber panels or self-adhesive versions.


7. Lean Green

Lean Green

We’re going from a dark heavy green to a cheeky one that’s almost neon and possibly glows in the dark. The toilet has an abstract shape, and by painting all the walls in that same colour, it opens up the room and enlarges it by melding those walls together. The round mirror has a green frame as well, and the floor is pale green tile. The toilet is in the corner.


8. Tucked Away

Tucked Away

As we’ve just seen, rooms with awkward corners can be useful for small toilet renovations. Here, the projecting wall hosts the sink and the large round mirror. It forms an accent wall with its busy black-and-white print. The rest of the room is a simple white, with the loo tucked in the corner. Above it, floating shelves, cabinets, and baskets add a touch of timber.


9. Upward Storage

Upward Storage

Interestingly, if you look at the floor of a small toilet, it can feel claustrophobic. Between the toilet bowl, the sink structure, and the toilet brush, there’s nowhere to put your feet! So by moving your storage options (and your eyes) upwards, the toilet can seem bigger. In this case, the toilet roll holder stands on a portable stalk. Wire baskets are mounted on the walls.


10. Mirrored Windows

Mirrored Windows
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Downstairs toilets rarely have windows. But when they do, you can double the effect with a strategically placed mirror. This lets in more natural light and also reflects the walls, making your small toilet look larger. In this example, the mirror is perpendicular to the window, and it’s divided into four sashes that mimic the window. The vessel sink is a stylish choice as well.


11. Tight Tubs

Tight Tubs

Just because you have a small toilet area doesn’t mean you have to forego your bathtub. (Ask any Tiny House owner!) These homeowners stuffed a wall-to-wall tub on one side of this small toilet. A large frameless mirror with downlights faces the doorway. It psychologically stretches the room. While the hardware is white, the faded brick floor warms up the room.


12. Verdant Variants

Verdant Variants

You may be unsure of what small toilet ideas to apply here. After all, the bathroom is tiny … but it has this massive window. Instead of fading into white, try a dark accent wall flanking the window. The deep green here works beautifully. Toss in some toilet-friendly plants and a few open shelves for storage. That dark stained floor is a fancy finisher, even if it’s a stick-on.


13. High-Tech Hub

High-Tech Hub

Of course, if your focus is on feeling royal in your tiny throne room, you can focus the budget on fancy hardware. This high-tech bidet has a control panel and a remote system that will make you forget how squeezed you are. For the room finish, the dark brown walls and deep grey floor tiles are separated by a double row of white tiles. They form a broad skirting board.


14. Leopard Lining

Leopard Lining
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We’re generally drawn to the grace and colourful camouflage of leopards. But when you’re using these big cats as part of your small toilet idea, you can get away with black-and-white versions. The wallpaper has a dense print of leopards and jungle foliage. The lower walls are painted a pale grey with a matching vessel sink. The large mirror has a shiny reflective frame.


15. Lighting Layers

Lighting Layers

You may be forced to install a shower in your small toilet (which makes it a ¾ bath). But you don’t want to feel hemmed in. So consider having a hidden plumbing panel behind the showerhead. Slip some backlights in there, and a few more in the corners. Combine these with recessed ceiling lights and wall-mounted toilets to visually double your bathroom size.


16. Before & After

Before & After
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Do you think paint and tile can alter the size of your small toilet? These photos should persuade you. Yes, white paint will make the walls seem farther away, which makes the room feel bigger. But in this room, the enlarging effect is far more dramatic. Replace one white wall with wood panels (real wood, faux wood, stick-ons, all are fine). Paint the others green.


17. Poolside Couture

Poolside Couture

Swimming pools routinely have tiny tiles on their floors and coping. Those monochromatic mosaics immediately make you think of splashing about on a hot summer day. So why not bring that carefree frolicking spirit into your small toilet? The accent wall doesn’t make the toilet bigger, but it makes it more interesting. Use privacy blinds if you have a large window.


18. Boxy Beauty

Boxy Beauty
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Toilet hardware tends to be curvy, but you can create an eye-catching effect by choosing boxier options. In this small toilet, the tank and the sink both have a mass of right angles and hard lines. The square mirror is softened by its sparkling bulbous frame and the oblong wall tiles are emerald-cut to add depth and texture. Metallic accents highlight the glossy grey tile.


19. Elevated Elegance

Elevated Elegance

With modern flat design, even the tiniest of toilets might have a shower squashed in. Glass partitions can be useful, both to save space and ease clean-up. If the enclosure is mirrored or fogged, that reflective characteristic can enlarge the room. Floating toilets are good too, because they give your feet more wiggle room, and that makes the toilet seem more spacious.


20. Tan but Tempting

Tan but Tempting
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Ordinarily, tan is seen as a dull, uninspired tone. Some don’t even consider it a colour. But you can make it work with your small toilet idea. Here, everything is the same hue, but in different textures to introduce visual and tactile variation. The upper walls are painted, the lower walls are tile, and the recessed shelf showcases that elegant sculpture of an antelope.


21. Standing Stature

Standing Stature

Still on the issue of freeing up floor space, pedestal sinks are an excellent idea. They’re not necessarily smaller than regular sinks, but the pedestal pulls your eye along the vertical axis, and that can make the whole room seem bigger, especially at ground level. It just feels roomier. The dark wall and floors also highlight the brightness of that gleaming white sink.


 22. Shelving Suggestions

Shelving Suggestions
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When you’re working with limited toilet space, the best thing you can do is look up. One, raised shelves are at your eye-line, so as you walk into the toilet, they distract you from the cramped floor. Plus, if the shelves are wall-mounted, there’s less stuff for your feet to bump into, and that can make the room feel bigger. These shelves are made of reclaimed wood.


 23. Overhead Cabinets

Overhead Cabinets

Floating shelves may be your cheapest option for off-the-floor storage, but they’re not your only choice. In this small toilet, a wall-mounted cabinet sits above the cistern. It supplements the storage in the large wooden vanity. The mirror, cabinet, and elongated artwork keep your eyes roaming well above the floor-line. The sliding door is another pro-tip for small toilets.


24. Black-and-White Bliss

Black-and-White Bliss

Cork floors are popular in bathrooms because they’re easy to install, pocket-friendly, and low-maintenance. But in this bathroom, the cork is on the wall instead. It’s an unusual idea, but those hexagonal tiles reinforce the back-and-white colour scheme in this small toilet. The sink is built into the top of the cistern. The mirrored medicine cabinet has a slim dark frame.


 25. Corner Sink

Corner Sink
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Wall-mounted toilets sometimes push the wall forward so you can hide their plumbing panel. You can use this trick in a small toilet by placing the top of the panel at chest height. A thin mirror starts at the same level, keeping your eye-line high up and giving the toilet a spacious feel. The curvy corner sink is placed high as well, opening up the bathroom space.


 26. Fluffy Rugs

Fluffy Rugs
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This small toilet feels warm and inviting because it has lots of cosy little touches. That fluffy rug would never work in a damp bathroom, but since this is a toilet, it works great. Plus, it’ll keep your bare feet warm and pampered. The toilet also has nude wood elements in the floor tiles, the mirror ledge, and the wardrobe. That textured wallpaper also adds sophistication.


27. Chequered Tile

Chequered Tile

Technically, checked patterns use square grids. This tile feels chequered, but instead of cubical motifs, the tiles are cut into trapezia. This slanted geometry creates fabric-weave patterns that fold into rectangles and give the entire toilet a quirky tweed appeal. The lower walls are plain white tile, but that tile is textured to distract your eyes and (clean!) fingers…


28. Walls of Leather

Walls of Leather

Leather seems like a risqué idea for wall padding. But it can warm up a chilly downstairs loo. Faux leather may be smarter though since it’s less likely to breathe and get muggy. And it’s cheaper too. The simplest option is to buy wallpaper patterned to mimic leather. Dark brown tones and metallic accents complete this daring décor. The conical sink is gorgeous and bold.


29. Quick & Simple

Quick & Simple
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Are you on the clock and desperate to renovate your downstairs loo on the cheap? This small toilet idea works on the bare minimum principle. The lower walls have wood or vinyl panels, and you can upgrade them with a quick coat of paint. If it’s a small area, a few cans of spray paint will do. This one is done in grey. Replace your toilet roll holders with stainless steel.


30. Clean & Classic

Clean & Classic

You might have a powder room veering off from the kitchen. It makes sense as a hand-washing station for your breakfast nook – you don’t want to clean up in the kitchen sink! But it may feel like an unhygienic spot for a toilet. Either way, consider your kitchen décor as you style this ¼ bath. Try a minimalist pedestal sink, pastel walls, and a metallic mirror frame.


31. Two-Way Toilet

Two-Way Toilet

For our final small toilet idea, we’re showing you twin options so you can see the difference your water closet makes. In both cases, the toilet wall is clad in small purple tiles. The white grout heightens the gradient on this mosaic. The floating toilet makes the room seem bigger and offsets the black floor, while the wall-mounted one goes with a floating shelf for storage.


Do you have any small toilet ideas to share? Show us your photos in the comments section!


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