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7 Best Strimmer Heads of 2022 (UK) – Reviews & Buyer Guides

If you’ve watched a strimmer at work, you’d be surprised it doesn’t have a blade. Even after the gardener pauses mid-swing to show you the slack cutting lines, it may puzzle you. But the spooling, position, and alignment of those nylons are crucial. They define string trimmers.

These strimmer heads dictate the effectiveness of your strimmer. They set it apart from lawnmowers and manual weed whips. How can you tell you’ve bought the right one? Let’s start by exploring seven top models. Then we can whittle down to the best weed whacking head.


The Best Strimmer Heads on UK Market 2022

1. Husqvarna Tap Trimmer Head (Our Top Pick)

Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance Head, Curved and Straight Shafts,Black

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Shopping for a brand-specific strimmer head can be frustrating. You can’t be sure the store has your specific model. You may be tempted to drag the entire strimmer to the store and physically test it. With Husqvarna, things are simpler. It’s compatible with close to twenty Husqvarnas from the 100 series to the 300 series. It also fits two Redmax and a Crafstman.

For Jonsered strimmers, this spool can be mounted on five of its 2128 series grass cutters. With such a broad range, this strimmer head can probably work with other brands as well. And it’s flexible with sizing as well. This is a 2.4mm strimmer head. But you can thread any string diameter from 1.6mm to 2.6mm. This two-line strimmer head has reinforced parts.

The two lines are separated on the spool so they don’t tangle. It has cinches that stop the thread from slipping out and unfurling. The upgraded version uses stronger construction materials so the strimmer head lasts longer. But this is a low-powered strimmer head.

It works best on soft grass and slight herbs. This is a tap strimmer, which is the same as a bump strimmer. When the line cuts, you bump the strimmer head on the ground. The blue button will then release more cutting thread. But the button is a plastic piece that can’t handle much tapping or bumping. It’s the part that needs replacing most often.

When it jams, you need to open the spool and jiggle the button to re-align it. The device has cues to make it easier to reload. With most strimmers, you have to flip it for reloading. With this T25, the whole cap comes off so you can rethread it upright. And while the Husqvarna works with both straight and curved shafts, the T25 works straight while the T25C curves.

Versatility is the most desirable feature on a strimmer head. And Husqvarna has it in spades. You can mount in on 100 to 300 series Husqvarnas and at least three other strimmer brands.


  • You can fit the spool on multiple brands.
  • It’s a double-line spool.
  • This head is ideal for split-shaft ump strimmers.


  • The blue ‘bump’ button sometimes stick so you may have to dismantle and adjust it.

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2. Oregon Universal Tap Trimmer Head

Oregon 559059 Lightning Load Pro Tap and Go Bump Fit Universal Trimmer Head, Fits Most Straight Shaft Strimmers Over 33cc, Cream

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We’re all fairly sure what brand of strimmer we bought. But we rarely keep the packaging. And if you’ve had the strimmer long enough, the labels may be muddied and engravings may have worn off. So you’ll know you have an Oregon strimmer – for example – but you may be unsure of the exact model number. Luckily this strimmer head is a universal fit by brand.

You can install on just about any Husqvarna, Efco, Echo, Oleomac, Kaaz, Honda, Stihl, and lots of other brands. But before you buy it, check the specs to be sure it matches. Yes, it’s probably compatible, but a slight change in dimensions could leave you with a dud. Especially as this strimmer head is from overseas – maths is sometimes different over there.

When you first unpack the strimmer head, you may worry about the stingy loop size. Luckily, the eyelets on this strimmer head are elongated. So you can tug it out and the right amount of give. The lengthened slots help the string last longer though. It has more wiggle room so it’s less likely to cut, even as it taps against sharp corners, rocks, and harsh edging surfaces.

The strimmer head works with various string shapes including round, star-shaped, and concave squares. It can hold gauges of up to 4mm. But you do need tools to fasten it. It ships with the necessary nuts and bolts, so all you need is the correct size of spanner. Or a good pair of pliers and a firm grip. The spool comes pre-loaded with Techni 280 nylon line.

This thread can withstand 30% higher temperatures than its rival nylons. So it’s good for strimmers that tend to overheat. The strimmer head is a two-line system so be sure your strimmer’s fuel tank can keep up. It needs a minimum capacity of 33cc to work well with this bump strimmer head. It ships with 4 or 5 adaptors, but confirm they’re the right size and fit.

The Oregon strimmer head offers plenty of benefits. You can mount it on tens of models, but if your strimmer model is newer than 2017, buy the upgraded version that has 5 adaptors.


  • It’s best for strimmers above 33cc.
  • The head is customised for straight strimmers.
  • It ships with all the bolts and nuts you need for installation.


  • This is an American model so the adaptors don’t always fit local devices. Re-check your conversions to be sure you’ve ordered the right size.

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3. Hakeeta Strimmer Head

3Pcs Universal Trimmer Head, Weed Eater String Trimmer Head Grass Brush Cutter String Set Spool Pack Electric Trimmer Strimmer Heads Mower Brush Cutter Head(Red)

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If you’re in the market for a strimmer head, it probably means your original one is damaged. And while replacements are never as good as OEM, you can still get one with half-decent performance. Your first move is probably to visit your manufacturer’s website, the online hardware store, or even a physical hardware aisle. You’ll be looking for your current brand.

Many strimmers have matching accessories so it should be fairly easy to get a new strimmer head using your brand name and model number. But this might mean ordering it from the factory. Or waiting while the local hardware orders you a batch. In the meantime, your grass will grow more and more unruly. You’ll attract pests … or HoA fines (which are also pests).

So if you’re on the clock, consider getting something more generic like this Hakeeta. It’s a universal fit so you can attach it to any strimmer brand. And its bright red/orange colour is an attention grabber amid a shelf full of blacks, blues, and greys. When you see the short line sticking out, you may mistake it for a fixed-line strimmer. But the button proves it’s a bump.

The strimmer head comes in a set of three. And while we generally love free stuff, getting three for the price of one could be a harbinger. They may have offered ‘spares’ knowing the strimmer head won’t last very long. So buy Hakeeta, yes, but put in an order for your current brand and model, just in case. For now, let’s see what we like about these crimson consoles.

The bump strimmer button is large and dominant. So it takes less effort to trigger new lengths of line. The strimmer head is a two-line model so that’s twice the slicing power. And its plastic case is waterproof so dew and grassy juices won’t ruin the innards of your device. The strimmer head is 10.5cm in diameter and 6.5 cm thick, give or take a few millimetres.

When you want a quick fix for dented strimmer head, grab these triplets. The plastic is rugged and the colour is persuasive. But order a more long-term replacement as you wait.


  • It comes in a pack of three.
  • It’s made of durable plastic.
  • The universal design fits most strimmers and brush cutters.


  • It feels generic, which might put you off.

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4. Trueshopping Bump Feed Strimmer Head

Trueshopping Nylon Replacement Trimmer Head - Brush Cutter Tap and Go with 5m of Spool Line Cord - High Speed Bump Feed, Two Line Head, Pre-loaded

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Shopping for replacement strimmer heads can be a frustrating process. All you want is something that matches what you have. And you’re probably not a professional landscaper so you may be unsure about specs and requirements, so you’re visually seeking an (identical) twin to the one you’re replacing. But like many industries, things change every season.

The fashion effect has transgressed into almost every other area of business, so even for hardware, a new catalogue comes out every year. Sometimes more. So it’s not as simple as finding your model number. It may now come in a different shape, colour, or material. Solution? Get a generic replacement approved by your brand manufacturer (or gardener).

In this case, the matte black strimmer head is generous enough to fit multiple Trueshopping strimmers. But it may not work as well with other strimmer brands. So if you can, check with friends who’ve used it on other brands. Or carry your strimmer to the store and test it manually. For now, let’s look at the features. The strimmer head comes pre-wound with 5m of nylon line, which is just enough for one refill. So you’ll need to buy extra lengths of line.

This strimmer head is built for Trueshopping bump strimmers. But its tap-and-go mechanism isn’t the best. It easily jams and breaks. So when your line cuts mid-slice, remove the cap and manually extend the feed. This will give you a few more months’ use before your strimmer head collapses. It’s made of plastic that can sometimes get brittle so watch out!

In some sectors ‘generic’ is a good thing. Because it implies interchangeability and pocket-friendly pricing. With this replacement strimmer head, be gentle. It’ll break if you’re rough.


  • The line is 2.5mm thick and 5m long.
  • Its two-line feed is extremely fast.
  • The strimmer head is compatible with most Trueshopping strimmers.


  • It’s easy to accidentally damage the head. Consider re-threading manually to extend its lifespan.

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5. Portek Straight Shaft Strimmer Head


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There are different kinds of people in the world. Some will patch old clothes until they literally fall to pieces. Others will toss an item the second it gets a mustard stain. The same principle applies to electronics. You might be the type that still repairs your 1987 toaster. Or the type that trades it in for a new one every month. (“This one has pop songs as timers!”)

Why does this matter in the land trimming grass? Well, if your strimmer head crashes, you may smash it in frustration and go buy a new one. Or you may try to tinker and fix it. Portek makes a good replacement strimmer head. But it assumes you at least have your damaged one. So it doesn’t ship with bolts and nuts. You need to extract the ones from your old model.

Once the bolt is sorted, you can start to enjoy your new strimmer head. Its bright green shade is eye-catching. But it’s universal enough that you can mount it on any brand or model. And it can fit multiple gauges of strimmer string. The strimmer head uses a 4-line system, giving you quadruple cutting power. It’s designed for straight strimmers though.

The strimmer head is interchangeable. Meaning you’ll primarily use it with a nylon line, but you can also fit a steel blade onto your Portek. This is useful for clearing brush, twigs, and brambles. Or even for disentangling thatch. In ‘line mode’ the four nylon threads slice faster and last longer than using a single thread. This ‘back-up’ means the strings break less often.

The minimum capacity that works with this strimmer is 18cc. And yes, it’s built for petrol-powered strimmers. It’s thicker than most strimmer heads – 10cm in diameter and 12 cm thick. To load the spool, unscrew the cap, thread the wire, then push the green head to lock the line in place. And you can thread star-shaped, square, or serrated threads in this head.

When you want a heavy-duty universal strimmer head, Portek is a good place to look. It works with any brand, nylon gauge, or model number. But they do need petrol, not batteries.


  • It’s a 4-line strimmer head.
  • You can mount it on multiple brands and string gauges.
  • The ‘screw and lock’ mechanism makes it easy to rethread.


  • It doesn’t come with a mounting bold so don’t throw away your old one!

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6. Stihl Autocut Strimmer Head

Hicello String Trimmer Head for Stihl Autocut C25-2 Brushcutter FS44 FS55 FS80 FS83 FS85 FS90 FS100/100RX FS130 KM55 KM85 KM90 KM110 KM130 FS-KM Parts#4002-710-2196

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As a brand, it makes sense to build compatible spares. And this one can be fitted into onto fifty Stilh trimmers, give or take a couple. It specifically fits models from the FR and FS series so you don’t need to worry about the model number. This is a two-line bump strimmer head. It’s slightly larger as 12.8cm in diameter and 7.6cm deep. The button is at the bottom.

That positioning is convenient because you can easily tap the strimmer head on the floor without turning it or tipping it. But the positioning may work against you as well. You’ll use more energy and focus keeping the strimmer raised. Because if it grazes the ground, it may accidentally activate the button and feed more thread, which can cause tangling and wastage.

Also, if the line feeds out excess nylon, the extended loop is more likely to cut. It may also stretch beyond the guard and slap your legs and feet, which is never fun. That said, the button is sturdy and withstands more bumps than other models, which quickly fall to bits. The button is a mix of metal and plastic, adding to its durability. It comes with a 2.5m thread.

That’s barely enough for a complete refill. So you do need to order nylon thread separately and loop it onto the spool. The line for this strimmer head is 2mm thick so it’s ideal for light to medium trimming. And because this Stihl head doesn’t come with instructions (or clips), you may struggle to rethread it. Check the sides of the head to be sure it’s an original Stihl.

When you buy universal strimmer heads online, you risk buying fakes. This one can fit over 50 brands so it gets counterfeited a lot. Look for the Stihl logo to be sure it’s authentic.


  • It’s a compact 2-line strimmer head.
  • It fits multiple Stihl F Series models.
  • You can order a left-handed model.


  • It works with a lot of different strimmers and brush cutters, but only if they’re Stihls.

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7. Youshares Stilh Strimmer

YOUSHARES Trimmer Head for Stihl Autocut 25-2, Trimming and Mowing Fits Stihl FS, KM Series Brushcutter String Trimmer

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The last strimmer head on our list looks like a solid selection. It’s made of durable black plastic and is a two-line bump strimmer head. The button seems well-made, and the spool is 10cm in diameter. It doesn’t come threaded though, so you need to order nylon string and thread it yourself before mounting. But it’s a flexible strimmer in terms of compatibility.

It only works with Stihl strimmers and brush cutters, but you still have more than twelve models to choose from. These models traverse the FS and KM series of Stihls. It replaces Autocut 25-2 original strimmer heads. Meaning it takes 1mm gauge nylons and isn’t intended for heavy work. At best it can handle soft grass and broad-leaf weed sprouts.

This head isn’t just for handheld string trimmers and brush cutters. You can mount the head on lawnmowers as well. It has minimal components so when you take off the cap, you’re unlikely to lose any important pieces. It weighs about 400g so it’s fairly sturdy. But given the line is a millimetre thick, it’s best to work at a low speed to extend the lifespan of the line.

It can also be helpful to limit your use of the throttle. The more you rev it, the more fuel you’ll consume, and the faster your line with break and deplete. And this is without necessarily improving performance, so it’ll be a waste. Keep in mind this strimmer is designed for light work, so pushing it too hard will just waste resources and raise your frustration levels.

This isn’t the best strimmer head. It looks good and works okay, but only for extremely light trimming. If your garden needs regular attention, you should opt for a higher-end purchase.


  • It’s compatible with more than a dozen Stihl trimmers.
  • The line gauge is 1mm.
  • It accepts different line shapes.


  • It doesn’t come pre-threaded so remember to order your line separately.

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Buying Guide

Strimmer Head

There are tonnes of tools for garden maintenance, whether you want a lawnmower or an electric scythe. And in all these devices, the line (and the head that holds it) are essential elements. So what should you look for when you’re shopping for the best strimmer head?

Strimmer Brand

This may seem like an obvious choice. I mean, of course, you have to buy a branded strimmer head. But if your string trimmer is a retro model (or a gift from overseas), it may be harder to find compatible spares. Luckily, some strimmer heads are universal. You can tack them onto any grass cutter, regardless of style, model number, or power source. The only issue is sizing.

You should also consider the mounting method. Yes, the strimmer head you bought may be universal, but how easy is it to load? Maybe you enjoy tinkering in the garden shed for hours. But you probably don’t want a strimmer head that needs three videos and four manuals. It would be helpful if the strimmer worked with tools you already have. Or comes with its own.

Strimmer Type

Beyond the brand name, check how the strimmer functions. Some strimmers are automatic so when the line cuts, it instantly pushes out more line. Others have fixed feeds so they use short, heavy-duty lines and won’t work with a spool. Then you have bump feeders – you tap them on the ground to release more nylon. These heads all have specifications to match.

So before you buy a new strimmer head, check that it works with your existing strimmer style. Universal strimmer heads can cut across brands, yes, but you probably can’t swap an electric auto-feed strimmer head with a manual or bump feeder head. Check the number of lines as well. Strimmers can have one, two, or even four slotted lines, so count before payout.

Grass Varieties

Fixed-feeds strimmers are best for commercial work. But they can also be helpful if your grass has thick stalks or your garden has brambles. Their lines are thicker and stronger so they cut through rougher brush. Alternatively, buy a strimmer head that lets you swap blades or load tougher nylon lines. That way you can use metallic cutting edges for heavy slicing.

If you can’t find a strimmer head with interchangeable blades, you may need to buy separate heads. Some will have spools and others will have blades. Try to find options from the same brand to be sure they’re compatible. These heads will essentially have the same diameter and thickness so it’ll be easy to swap them. Get them bundled if you can – that will cut your costs.

Whipped and Wonderful

Based on the data we could gather, we recommend the Husqvarna Head. Here’s why:

  • They offer a left-handed version.
  • Its specs are 0.095 inches but it can take string from 0.065 to 0.105 inches.
  • It’s compatible with the 100, 200, and 300 strimmer series.
  • You can also mount it on Jonsered, Craftsman, and Redmax strimmers.
  • The spool fits both straight and curved shaft strimmers.
  • It fits brush cutters too.
  • Husqvarna is a two-line strimmer head for efficient slicing.
  • Its maximum spinning speed is 13,300rpm.

What head do you currently have on your strimmer? Show us a photo in the comments!

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