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7 Best Strimmer Lines of 2022 (UK) – Strong & Heavy Duty Strimmer Wire

Not all strimmers have blades. In many models, the string provides the ‘cutting edge’ by spinning fast enough to get stiff. This stiff surface slices through grass and weeds. The string hangs a few millimetres or inches off its spool. It’s these exposed bits of string that chop.

On some models, a blade is added for tougher targets like brush or twigs. So when you’re looking for the best strimmer line, it needs to be rigid enough to cut through grass but flexible enough to whirl without breaking. Let’s look at some top models and their benefits.


The Best Strimmer Line on UK Market 2022

1. Flymo Autofeed Double Line

Flymo FLY021 Double Line Autofeed Spool and Line - Red

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Threading a strimmer isn’t difficult. But it can be annoying. So when you find a strimmer line that’s already wound onto its spool, it makes life so much easier. And this Flymo strimmer line comes pre-strung, so less fuss for you! Especially because this a double feeder – those are more cumbersome to wind. But remember, this line is specifically for Flymo grass trimmers.

Does the model make a difference? Yes. The line is compatible with over a dozen Flymos ranging from the Mini series to the Twist & Edge. It’s a 1.5mm line fitted onto an electric strimmer. So it’s best for light, quick work on soft grass or broadleaf weeds. It doesn’t have the rigidity or cutting power for tougher grasses and it will barely survive brambles or brush.

It does have a few delightful features. The string is a cheerfully translucent red (it’s the little things!). But you’ll find it described as ‘grey’ because that’s the colour of the spool. The line is 5m long so you should get a lot of use out of it. But this is almost the finest gauge on the market, so keep a few spare spools around the house. It weighs about 65g but is fairly tough.

And remember, if you fit non-Flymo nylons onto your Flymo strimmer, you might void the warranty. So even if your strimmer still has nylon in it, you should change the spool at least once a season. This is because the string degrades naturally, even when it’s in storage.

One thing to check is the slack of the string. Some may need to be unwound and rewound before fitting. If you position a spool whose string is too tight, the thread won’t have sufficient give so it won’t slip out smoothly. Meaning it won’t cut effectively. So if you need to, take the extra step of unfurling and re-looping your string. There are tons of tutorials.

If you own a Flymo and you’re looking for a low-gauge line for light yard work, consider this pretty one. It’s a fine line – no pun intended – intended for use with electric strimmers.


  • It’s 5m long and 1.5mm thick.
  • It comes with a spool and fits multiple Flymo models.
  • The string is customised for double-line auto-feed devices.


  • If your strimmer isn’t a Flymo, this may not fit.

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2. Oregon Serrated Heavy-Duty Line

Oregon Flexiblade Serrated Heavy Duty Trimmer Line for Brambles and Undergrowth, Nylon Lines for Heavy Duty Strimmer Work - 4 mm x 110 m Long Spool (111091E)

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For strimmers without blades, the quality and texture of your strimmer line are crucial. It’s why this Oregon strimmer string is serrated. The sharpened, serrated edge provides a saw-like effect that is especially effective against tough stalks. The string itself is square-shaped to provide a rougher cutting surface. But this shape does have a slight downside.

Because most strimmer heads work with rounded threads, this square line has fewer options for interbrand replacement. In the right equipment though, this jagged string gives you tons of chopping power. And it’s 4mm thick so it’s ideal for heavy-duty yard work. The nylon is 110m long so you can a lot more life from a single spool. That sawing action is loud though.

And while this strimmer string feels versatile, it’s still a niche product. Sort of. Yes, it works with 2-line and 4-line trimmers … but only if they’re Jet-Fit. For other brands and bump-head models, the string won’t fit. Also, the sturdiness of this Flexiblade line sometimes works against it. When you first unpack it, wiggle the wire to see how supple and pliable it is.

Why? This line sometimes hardens in shipping or storage. So if it feels too brittle to use, try soaking it in hot water before threading it. Otherwise, you’ll pause your trimming every ten minutes to renew the feed. It lasts longer than round lines though. And it cuts cleaner because the jagged edge and square shape create a wider surface area for slicing grass.

If you’re worried about your strimmer overheating, it won’t affect this nylon. The Flexiblade is strung to work with high temperatures over 265°C. And Jet-Fits are low-noise models so you could consider replacing your current strimmer head with a Jet-Fit. It’ll make your yard work swifter and quieter. You’ll cut down fuel as well since Jet-Fit is energy-saving.

This square-cut serrated strimmer line offers neater lines and cleaner edges. It can function in extreme heat. But it won’t fit generic strimmers so double-check your model number.


  • This is a heavy-duty 4mm line that’s 110m long.
  • The edge is sharp and square.
  • It’s compatible with both 2-line and 4-line trimmers.


  • It won’t work with bump head strimmers. You’d need to install a Jet-Fit first.

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3. Husqvarna Titanium Force String (Our Top Pick)

Husqvarna string trimmer line .095-Inch 140ft spool Titanium Force High efficiency Long life Faster acceleration

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How much strimmer line do you need per month? It depends on how large your garden is. And how often you trim it. If you’re a twice-a-week user, you want a decent length. But a 4m string is on the higher side for home use. Especially since you only use a few inches per trim.

Still, the quality of Husqvarna may have you buying it in bulk, so this works. It’s a 2.41mm line. And unlike the brand-specific nylons we’ve looked at so far, this one can be used on any type of strimmer. The shipping package includes a bonus blade for snipping the line as you loop it. It’s a bit awkward to use – the line snipper – so scissors will work fine. Or a knife.

The spool s quite large – almost a foot in diameter. That’s great for line storage. At 25cm, you won’t lose the loop in a junk drawer. But you do need to cut smaller bits to feed into your trimmer. This strimmer line is made from co-polymer so it has certain advantages. It’s quieter when it cuts, regardless of what motor, trimmer, or brush cutter you load it in.

This is an American product but it’s easily available here. The string is engineered to accelerate faster and stay level as it swings through the grass. Its design upgrades extend the usability and lifespan of the string. But it’s a light-duty strimmer line that works best with average grass. It won’t hold against brush, thatch, or thicker grass stalk varieties.

You may be uneasy about how a petrol strimmer will affect your carbon footprint. Because yes, this copolymer is designed for petrol-powered equipment. But it’s also modified to conserve fuel and maximise efficiency. So yes, you’re ‘burning gas’ but you’re using a lot less than you would with other strings. And it’s less physical exertion too, so it wins all round.

Husqvarna easily makes the best strimmer line. It’s half as noisy, it picks up speed effortlessly, and it’s fuel-efficient. Plus it comes in a stylish silver shade (and orange too).


  • It’s 50% quieter than other strimmer lines.
  • The line comes with a free nylon cutter.
  • You can order it in orange or grey.


  • It’s quite a large spool for domestic use – you can get away with something shorter.

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4. Bosch ART Spool Line

Bosch F016800351 Replacement 6 m x 1.6 mm Spool Line for ART 30-36 LI, ART 30, ART 27 and ART 24

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If you’re into billionaire biographies, you’ve probably read Steve Jobs’. In it, he talks about the difference between his approach and Bill Gates’. Steve built an OS that only works with Macs. Bill built one that works with any PC, just like Android did with smartphones. The merits of both can be argued for weeks or even months. But in this case, we’re #TeamSteve.

How so? This Bosch is only compatible with ART strimmers. And there are four popular models – the ART 24, 27, 30, and 30-36. The upside? ARTs are among the UK’s top-selling strimmers. So you probably have one already. Meaning this exclusivity won’t work against you. But let’s forget about the trimmer and focus on the string. What do we love about it?

For one thing, it’s 1.6mm thick. That’s on the lower side so you should restrict this to the most basic yard work. Faster trims spaced closer together. Maybe every week or so to avoid straining your strimmer. It’s a replacement wire so it’s only 6m long, but that’s plenty. The line is round but it isn’t smooth. It has grooves along its length that heighten its slicing.

And it’s a replacement line, so that spool won’t fit your strimmer head. And it’s a lightweight line at just 40g, but that’s because it’s not a long one. This is an emergency fix when you run out of line mid-trim. You should always keep a spare piece around to hold you until your next order comes in. Also, this line is intended for electric strimmers (which all ARTs are).

This is a good option for quick fixes before you buy a whole new roll. But winding the spool at home can be tricky so you might be better off buying a full-size pre-wound spool.


  • The textured thread offers more cutting power.
  • This string is compatible with various ART models.
  • It’s a small spool but it’s already wound.


  • It only works with ART strimmer models. But a lot of people own ARTs so it works out.

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5. Arnold Maxi Edge Trimmer Line

ARNOLD Maxi-Edge .08-Inch x 140-Foot Commercial Grade Trimmer Line

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Maxi Edge strimmer lines are colour coded by width. So once you know what’s what, you can easily grab the right pack. This one is green, meaning it’s a 2mm line (0.08 inches). It’s another American brand that’s pretty popular over here. But remember, the weather is different across the pond. So check that it can handle the varieties of grass in your yard.

When you look at the images – or even the pack – this looks like a regular line. But the six-pointed star-shape on the packet reminds you that the string has serrated sides. And these jagged details make it easier to whip through weeds and strong grass. This is a median line that’s 2mm thick. So it can handle average yard maintenance. Nothing too strenuous.

That said, it can cut three times the area of typical strimmer lines. And the shape makes it easier to trim edges, tight corners, decks, kerbs, and intricate edging. The blades will slip into the star-shaped grooves and slice effortlessly. Curiously, the wire that comes with original Maxi Edge strimmers is smooth. It would be interesting to see a side by side comparison.

And if you’re wondering why the ART replacement line was 6m, that’s the average length of a full strimmer head. This Maxi Edge is 42.7m so you can refill your head seven times before it runs out. The included cutting tool makes it easy to splice the yardage you need, though scissors will do. And it’ll work with any brand, whether the shaft is straight, curved, or split.

If you don’t mind buying American, this is a good strimmer line option. The star-shaped thread cuts more efficiently and it’ll fit multiple brands and types of grass cutters.


  • It lasts thrice as long as rival lines.
  • It’s a universal fit that cuts across brands, pun intended.
  • The line is long enough for seven strimmer string-ups.


  • It doesn’t perform well when you trim tall grass – it’s too light to stay level.

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6. Black+Decker Strimmer Line

BLACK+DECKER A6046-XJ Replacement Strimmer Line, 37.5 m

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What does it mean when you buy a replacement line? If you’re inexperienced, you might not spot the difference. Yes, both the original line and the replacement might be tied around a spool. But the original spool is the exact size and fit for the strimmer head it came with. The slots are in the right spots, directly aligned with your line feeder. Especially for automated ones.

But the spools on replacement lines are purely for shipping and storage. They won’t sit snug in your strimmer head. You’ll have to unfurl the string then wind it around the prior spool. That said, this replacement line is versatile enough for various brands, models, and sizes. It’s not just for Black + Decker. But look through the list of compatible trimmers, just in case.

This thread works with automatic line feeders. So as flexible as it is brand-wise, it won’t work with a fixed feeder or a bump strimmer. But at 37.5m, you can draw out six or seven refills from the same replacement spool. And the storage spool has clips on it so every time you cut off a new section, you can clip the snipped edge in place to prevent it from unravelling.

Black + Decker lines are reasonably simple to use. You can use it to replace all types of strimmers, including electrical ones and rechargeables. But remember, this is close to the thinnest line-gauge available. So you should only fit it for low-labour jobs and fine grass. The line isn’t hardy enough for clearing bushy patches and abandoned lots. That’ll frustrate you.

When you’re looking for a convenient fix for your occasional trimming needs, this works. But only for low-fuss work. If you’re excavating neglected yards, get something stronger.


  • It’s a multi-brand strimmer line.
  • The line is 1.5mm thick and 37.5m long.
  • It’s best for automated line feeders.


  • It’s a replacement line so be ready to wind.

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7. Ryobi Cutting Line

Ryobi RAC101 Cutting Line, 15 m x 1.6 mm

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Again, for those of us who go nuts over covers, this line is like a siren. Be careful though – these colours have meanings. No, it’s not about branding and social justice. It’s a lot more functional. Ryobi lines come in purple and orange, but they’re not identical. The purple line is 1.6mm thick while the orange line is 1.2mm, so double-checker your strimmer’s sizing.

Both these lines come in 15m swathes. That’s enough for two or three refills, depending on the size of your strimmer spool. This particular purple line is aimed at electric strimmers. These are a lot less powerful than petrol strimmers. And they’re restricted by the cord length of the strimmer. So this line – like the trimmer it’s moulded for – is intended for light work.

The proper marking for this colour is violet. But even if your hardware attendant can’t distinguish cobalt from cerulean, you can request the line by width and you’ll get the right version. And it isn’t just built for Ryobi strimmers. You can fit this string into any AC strimmer. But never use it with petrol-powered Ryobis. It’s not strong enough for that.

You can use it in rechargeable strimmers though, and cordless ones. The main decider is the gauge required by your strimmer. If you need to, you can step down to the 1.2mm orange line for your battery strimmers. This is a no-frills roll of string. It doesn’t have a storage spool so keep it carefully to avoid tangling. Luckily, the smooth sides are easy to wind on any spool.

With options for 1.6mm (violet) or 1.2mm (orange), this is a good strimmer line for light work. But it won’t saw through harsh British grass so confirm your garden varietals first.


  • The lines are colour-coded for convenient selection.
  • They work especially well with electric grass cutters.
  • The thread is round with smooth sides so it’s easy to spool.


  • It’s a fine line so it will only slice through fine grass and soft weeds.

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Buying Guide

strimmer wire

When you’re shopping for a strimmer line, you need to check that it’s compatible with your strimmer or brush cutter. Find out whether it plays well with blades – especially if you prefer split-shafts. They’re more likely to have a cutting surface. What else should you look out for?

Power Source

String Trimmers (aka strimmers) use super-speed string to cut through blades of grass and weed leaves. And their spinning speed depends on what’s driving the motor. Strimmers can be electric, battery-powered, or petrol-powered. Strimmers with rechargeable batteries are greener and often quieter, but you’re restricted by battery life and charging duration.

Electric strimmers can be useful, but you’d probably need an extension cable that can limit your cutting distance. Plus, that’s just an extra wire to trip over. Nobody wants that. Petrol-powered (or gas[oline]-powered) strimmers are stronger and have more power. But they’re also louder. More power means you need thicker, longer strings since they’ll cut more often.

Attachment Options

Investing in a strimmer means your nylon thread will be your primary cutting tool. So you’ll need to refill it often. But if you buy a split shaft strimmer with alternative blades, your nylon line may last longer since you’ll be using it less. The thread gets a ‘tea break’ each time you swop blades. And if it happens to run out mid-trim, you can use a blade before you get more.

If you’re the type of person that’s drawn to bright colours, don’t shop alone! Yes, the best nylon line comes in multiple hues. But that’s just a marketing tactic. You don’t have to get a tone that matches your machine (sacrilege!). Instead, focus on other qualities. Check the recommended gauge on your strimmer first. Then see if it comes in your favourite shade.

Line Dimensions

We have hinted at string gauge. This refers to the length and thickness of your nylon line. Strimmers accept string lengths of 1mm, 2.4mm, or even 4mm. So get the right size for your strimmer. You can also check the number of lines and the extended length. Some devices have two lines while others can have up to four. You can find some with central ‘padding’.

This means the line has a protective outer coating with a tougher material running through the middle of the string. This way, your nylon lines can withstand edging, rocks, and harsh grass without breaking. Think about your strimmer’s feed mechanism as well. The hardware store can recommend the best strimmer line for automatic, bump feed, or fixed trimmers.

String and Strim!

Given all these factors, we think you should buy the Husqvarna. Here’ why:

  • For fussy colour selectors, it comes in orange or silver/grey.
  • Its acceleration is quicker than the average, pun intended.
  • The gauge is stable enough to stay level even at speed and height.
  • The line itself is 2.41mm thick and over 40m long.
  • You can thread it on any standard strimmer, regardless of brand.
  • It’s American-made … which could be a plus or a minus …
  • It comes with a free line-cutting tool.

What trimming thread is fitted in your weed whacker? Show us photos in the comments!

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